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Libra Libra Love Compatibility

When Libran style meets Libran panache, the attraction is immediate. Like attracts like. The sympathetic magic of this union of Air plus Air has its challenges but, if you meet them, you’ll have an understanding partner and a romance for life.

Romance is in the air when two Scales find their acrobatic balance. Affairs of the bedroom are enthralling and even a touch extravagant. You’ll be invigorated just by the thought of your loved one and can stimulate and refresh each other through considerate attention. If you’ve always wanted a partner with grace, good taste and who loves to discuss and weigh things up as much as you do, look no further than another Scales. You truly understand each other, enjoying the highs and sympathizing with the lows.

A warning: sometimes Libra can be prone to almost paralysing indecision. If you both get stuck at once, very little will get done until one of you can pull yourself out of it. Remember too that there is something of a contrary tendency within your sign. Sometimes you have to swing away and take the opposite position. You’d better negotiate an agreement to disagree, or you could find yourselves arguing with one another for no reason other than sheer bloody mindedness.

You need to leave each other alone from time to time. Each of you has a deep or hidden side, filled with darker concerns or worries, which you rarely reveal to others. With a Scales partner you’ll have a comrade you can trust with this secret self.

Overall, everything from what you wear to how you decorate the home, from what you do in business to how you appreciate the latest artistic offering, is on the agenda for consideration — and you’ll love the delicate cut and thrust of debate. An innate sense of justice and fairness means you have a natural mechanism for solving problems.

Whatever your views on a subject, you’ll be able to see the side your partner holds. Both of you may come to change your mind on many topics due to these ‘heart to heart’ discussions. However, to avoid boredom, you really need to develop mutual external interests and activities so that when conflict arises, you both have a way of transforming the stormy air into positive winds of change.

Although Libra is a Cardinal sign and likes to take charge, it’s easier for you than any other sign to work out the balance that will allow enough space for you both. Given you find the measure of cooperation and understanding your sign seeks, this can be a perfect match.