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Leo Tarot DailyLeo Tarot Daily – Free Daily Tarot Reading Prediction for Leo by our Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal. Truthstar predicts what tarot card hold for Leo today.

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Leo Tarot Daily Reading January 12, 2019 – January 15, 2019

Leo Tarot Daily – January 12, 2019

Leo – Card of the Day – Knight of Swords

Things are looking in good shape in finances. You have ample energy and opportunities to generate money. You will blame yourself if unable to handle good chances. Beware of jealousy, arguments are complementary to failure. You should focus to grab the opportunities.

Leo Tarot Daily – January 13, 2019

Leo – Card of the Day – Page of Wands

Leos are a dynamic and determined individual. A latest spark of creative thinking and fully new ideas is now on cards. It is probably too required by you on a replacement journey. You are full of hope and optimism, you look appealing and committed. This is often terribly artistic energy, utilize this fullest. Exploration, investigation and analysis work before you blow ahead with this new venture are going to be in your favor. There could also be news of giving birth, wedding or conception within the family that’s all a lot of encouraging and happening for you.

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Leo Tarot Daily – January 14, 2019

Leo – Card of the Day – 8 Pentacles

You will get into a new designation that will sharpen the talents and will be demanding. Have trust in yourself, you will fulfill the needs of the want. On the academic section, it will be difficult to cover all the bases, so wait for the time. Today you may take a break from the hectic schedule for relaxation and refreshment. Keep aside all the liabilities and tasks that have been dependent on you.

Leo Tarot Daily – January 15, 2019

Leo – Card of the Day – The Fool

An outing or tour postpone antecedent might get materialized nowadays. A replacement starting in life goes to begin. This might embrace learning the new ability, change of integrity the new job, creating a replacement relationship or simply beginning a second frame when your retirement. No matter it should be you’re optimistic, hopeful, and looking out forward to the long run. Sort of a maverick, you are mood of learning one thing new and experiencing the new field you just tried.

Leo Tarot Daily Reading January 16, 2019 – January 20, 2019

Leo Tarot Daily – January 16, 2019

Leo – Card of the day – 5 Cups
The day would not be a rewarding one in terms of relationship. Disarrangements in the family can be quite disheartening especially when your partner takes the side of parents. You might have to compromise with a situation, just for your family’s happiness. Your simplicity can be taken advantage of. The day does not seem to turn up pleasant mainly if you were planning to spend some good time with your friend or beloved one.

Leo Tarot Daily – January 17, 2019

Leo – Card of the Day – The Magician
Love is in the air for the Leos. Your wisdom and prudence will make your love prospects shine bright. With your inescapable charisma, you are able to convey your ideas to your spouse very well. The day gives you a chance to illustrate your smartness, energy and communication skills. This will give you an added advantage of increasing your client base, income and leaving an unforgettable impression on others. Work on your looks and look your best as, you might get a chance to give a celebrity appearance.

Leo Tarot Daily – January 18, 2019

Leo- Card of the day-The Hanged man

Confusion in decision making will occur. You will find doubtful situation to decide. Third person can create panic situation in your relation. So try to resolve the issue by your own. If you are planning to be engaging with someone in love then it’s not the right time for that. This is not the right time to make any decision. You will get the right choice of your thought.

Leo Tarot Daily – January 19, 2019

Leo- Card of the day-The world

Achievement s will make you happy today. Time is going in your favor. Overall satisfaction from career, food, health. You may get some foreign trip in coming days. Your stars indicate that you will enjoy some personnel family function like birth, marriage, anniversary or career.

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Leo Tarot Daily – January 20, 2019

Leo – Card of the Day – King of Swords

It is pointless to testify against someone who do not appreciate rationality. At the work front, you might be burdened with supplementary jobs. As per the demand of the situation, you can be slightly merciless especially in matters related to relationships or finances. Today you choose to be challenging and authoritative may be because a male colleague’s behaviour towards you might upset you.

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