Leo Horoscope Monthly, Leo Horoscope August 2020

Most Accurate free Leo Horoscope Monthly August 2020. Leo Horoscope Monthly August 2020 provides insight into your complete month. Truthstar Monthly Horoscope on Leo written by Rob Tillett.

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Leo Horoscope Monthly August 2020


Health has been witnessing constant improvement and there will be a further improvement after the mid part of august. You will be protected from serious illnesses. However, you still need to be careful and take precautions. Avoid travel and crowded places. Be careful in food habits otherwise, stomach disorders can occur.


It is a time of family happiness and cooperation for you. Your mind will be happy. Children related activities will be successful. Your family will give importance to your words and opinion. Relationship with spouse will be good. Tensions and differences with spouse will end. Love relations will become strong.


The economic condition will be strong. The money flow will be good. Old investments will give gains. You may buy a property in your name. You will spend money on materialistic items and resources.


Fluctuations and up and down situations will occur in your career. You may be mentally disturbed due to this but you should not worry as you will also have new opportunities. Time is auspicious for starting new work. You will get a promotion in job and change of place will happen along with this.


Chant one mala of Gayatri mantra daily the entire month.

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