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Lions are always in search of the right opportunities, our Leo Career Weekly horoscope give you the right inputs to move ahead. Without any astrological jargon here is your easy to follow leo weekly career horoscope for this week. Leo career this week guides you at each step of decesion making for your career.

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Leo Career Weekly Horoscope 19 April – 25 April 2021

This is an important week for the government servants. With the Sun in the 10th house, your career will touch new heights now. With some hard work, you can gain recognition. Some may also expect a promotion now. Those at leadership positions will have to make important decisions this week. There is a lot of work that needs to be done, especially with the people at the grassroots. However, the financial groups are under some strain. There may be a lot of workload now. Your relations with your office colleagues may also be under stress. Avoid picking up on unnecessary arguments that can adversely impact your work.

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Leo Career Weekly Horoscope 14 – 20 December 2020

The solar eclipse will trigger your creative energies during this week. There will be a lot of opportunities to prove your skills, but there will be some hurdles. You will be getting some chances to join a new team and that will give new ideas as well. Those who work with children and young groups also will get new projects. So, they have to be very careful. You need to be careful with your speculative ventures. Arguments with teammates can also come up. Job seekers from the entertainment and arts domain may get new opportunities. Those who work in politics and public administration can go through a tough time. Projects from foreign lands can also come up.

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Leo Career Weekly Horoscope 07 – 13 December 2020

The solar transit is triggering the fifth house of creativity and children during this week.
This will bring a lot of focus on creative projects. At the same time, you may have to go the extra mile in performing in these projects. Those who work in the government and political sector will have multiple projects. The arts and entertainment domain is also going to give some hope for you, but you have to be careful. You should not invest money in risky ventures. Mars is triggering the sector for long travels, publishing, and administration. So, you will naturally have a lot of work from foreign lands. Most of the projects can be from media and communications. Career-related training is also possible during this week.

Leo Career Weekly Horoscope 30 November 2020 – 06 December 2020

During this week, the Sun will influence
your creative energies. That will bring many opportunities from the creative sector. You will be looking to start your ventures. There are some plans to improve your ventures as well. Working with children and youth groups are also seen. This is a time to network as well. Politicians, teachers, and counselors also will get new opportunities. Artists and those who work in the entertainment sector also will have new opportunities.
There are chances for foreign collaborations and foreign travels too. Those who work in the politics and administration sector will have a lot of work.

Leo Career Weekly Horoscope 23 November 2020 – 29 November 2020

Your creative energies will get doubled during this week as the powerful Sun will impact the house of creativity and team ventures. You will try to invest in risky ventures, but that should not be done carelessly. Try to take expert opinion before you get into any risky jobs. There will be networking events and meeting people for new ventures. There can be arguments with team members as well. Those who work for children and youngsters also will have many projects. This is also a golden opportunity for those who work in the real estate-related industry. Those who work in customer care and nursing professionals have to be careful. This is also the right time for job seekers from this domain. There can be a lot of work at home also. So, you have to keep a balance between work and home.