Cancer Tarot Weekly Reading

Truthstar Cancer Tarot Weekly Reading predicts what the stars hold for Cancer tarot in this week for health, Career, Love, and Relationship. Free Tarot Weekly Horoscope Prediction for Cancer.

Cancer Tarot Weekly Reading 20 May – 26 May 2024

Canceriaus are known for their emotions and concerns. But in first three day of the week, the time for you will be action packed without the trace of emotions. There is an opportunity in work area which might prove beneficial to you in the long run but at present it demands your action and sharpened skills. Nothing is possible without an action. An improved working style, Clarity of mind and expression shall help you to gain. In mid week there will be lot of money transactions. You shall do charity work help out those who are in need. Your emotions will overpower you. It is time to reevaluate the things. Money taken should be paid back. End of the week, you sign a deal in partnership. Emotional bonding is also on the card or strengthen the existing relationship is also possible. You find contentment in love. Those who are single shall find a mate and express their emotions. spending money on buying gifts, and sending proposals to attract the spouse is on the card.

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Cancer Tarot Weekly Card Readings 23 November 2020 – 29 November 2020

Health –

Definitely follow your intuition as to your health issues. If a diagnosis whether that’s positive or negative doesn’t feel right, or you don’t feel comfortable with your health care provider get a second opinion or a new provider. For those who take alcohol or drugs, this is a time when it is definitely easy to overdo it. Indulge if you must but in moderation. This is also a great time to access the great spiritual books of the world – you’ll get more out of them than usual.

Career / Profession –

You are at your creative best and your popularity will soar. Spontaneous risks and gambles can be attractive. A promotion or an additional charge at work place is likely. The unemployed will land good jobs. Businessmen will do well. But the going will be tough for dairy farm owners and agriculturists. Psychologists, home makers, and those lecturers and teachers will also feel restricted and under pressure in career this week.

Love & Relationship –

Hearts are like glasses, be careful they can break. Those looking for love, could have to wait, or may come across a wrong choice. Existing relations could be at stand still, feel stagnation. Mental tension will remain, things are not smooth and at their place. Feeling about new acquaintances and old friends may not be right at this time. Parents may be worried on account of children. As the week progresses, you will be able to win over your situation in style.