Vaastu Shastra Directive Principles


What ever construction to be done on the land,be it a residential house, or an industrial organisation, or a public institution, temple etc.,in each case it is auspicious and beneficial to keep the following Vaastu principles in mind

while purchasing a plot of land or constructing a building.

1. First of all the direction and shape of the plot has to be considered well. A construction on quadrangular, rectangular or square plot is beneficial and good from all aspects.

2. Big plot fetches prosperity, but it should not be having cleavage or cracks any where.

3. Triangular shaped plot should not be selected for constructing a building. It is inauspicious.

4. A small narrow plot in between two big plots is also not good, because owner of the building on such plot always remains in troubles.

5. If the length of the plot in east-west direction is more than that in north-south direction, it is better.

6. If there is more open vacant space in south than in north, it will lead to destruction and downfall whether it is in the house or a industry, or in a temple or a hut.

7. It is auspicious if there is more open space in the east than in the west; and more open space in the north than in the south.

8. All the heavy and permanent items should be placed in the south-west corner of the building or plot.

9. While sleeping head should be kept in the east or south. Never sleep with feet towards south or east.

10. Water tanks on the roof in the south-west direction are auspicious. These should never be placed in north or north-east (eeshanya) corner.

11. Pooja room is always best in the north-east corner or near it.

12. Kitchen is always auspicious and best in the south-east (Agney) corner, or adjacent to it.

13. Open space should be kept all around the building.

14. Building should be constructed such that it is higher in the south-west and lower in the north-east. Walls should also be made in this manner.

15. Underground water tank (for storage of water) well, hand-pump, boring etc. should be built in north-east direction only. Height of these water bodies should never be above the plinth level of the main building.

16. As far as possible there should be only one main door of the house, which should be adorned with auspicious symbols.

17. All the doors and windows should be of the same height upper edges being in the same straight line.

18. There should not be a door above a door. This principle does not apply on multistorey buildings. Height of the door on upper floor should be kept less than that on the lower floor.

19. Family life will be more and more happy if more heavy items are placed in the rooms on the south-west and south-sides.

20. The more lighter (weightless) items are there in the north, north-east and north-west directions, the more happier will be the life of the family in the house.

21. It is better if there are no tall trees in the east. Trees in the west are good.

22. In the same line, the plot having road on the east-north directions is better to be selected.

23. ‘Garbh’ means the space or width in between two walls.

24. The essence of Vaastu Shastra is actually to make the house in total conformity with the utilisation of five basic materials, viz, earth, water, air, fire, space for specific functions in the directions of places determined for the same.
For example, south-east corner is best for fire (kitchen etc.) North-West direction for air and the North-East direction for attaining the bliss for divine favour.

25. Specially, while constructing a house due care is to be taken regarding position of doors, windows, Chulha (fire, burner), well, bath room, bed room, toilet (latrine) and these should be constructed strictly in the places allotted as per Vaastu principles.

26. If there is a well or any other pit in the south-east, south-west or north-west direction, there will always be quarrels in the family and there will be no peace.

27. West portion of the land should be raised and there should be slope towards the east, which is auspicious.

28. Four sided (square) shaped plot of land is considered to be the best as per Vaastu Shastra. All the architects (Vaastu Shastris) have this opinion.

29. Almirahs, Sofa Set, Table and other heavy items which can be placed permanently at a place, are auspicious if placed in the South-West corner or near it in the west. 30. A temple can have doors on all the four sides.

30. Divide the length of the wall, on the side in which main door is to kept, in nine equal parts; then leaving 5 parts on the right and 3 parts on the left, door should be constructed in the remaining one part or in the 7th part.

31. If living in a newly built house is stared without worshipping Vaastu, several troubles and difficulties arise in the family. Therefore Vaastu Poojan is must.

32. For interior decoration of the house, pictures and scenes of war and battles, idols/statues of demons, pictures of pig (boar), leopard, tiger, jackal, serpent, eagle, owl, pigeon, hawk, crow, crane etc. are not auspicious. These should not be put on the walls in the house for decoration.

33. Flow of water and its outlet in the directions other than east, north-west, north-east and north is inauspicious and causes troubles.

34. Toilet (Latrine) is auspicious if constructed in north-west corner. If necessary or in case of lack of space it may be constructed in any direction, but the seat in the toilet should be such that when using the toilet one should face towards south or north only.

35. Only new wood should be used throughout in the construction of a house, there remains no default relating to Vaastu. At the most two or three types of wood may be used.

36. If only one kind of wood is used throughout in the construction of a house, there remains no default relating to Vaastu. At the most two or three types of wood may be use.

37. It is not auspicious to construct any thing towards the south or west of the Vaastu zone. Construction should be done towards north and east of this zone.

38. If extension is to be made, it should be extended in all the sides. Extension only in one side is not auspicious.

39. Door of the stair-case should face either east or south. It will be auspicious if the stairs are constructed in the west or south on the right side.

40. If the earth (soil) on the land site is excavated and removed, and fresh pure earth from elsewhere is filled in it, there remains no defect of Shalya in the land.

41. Shadow of trees falling on the building in the duration 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. is inauspicious and causes troubles.

42. T.V., Radio or any other such device for entertainment should be placed near the south west corner.

43. If more than one door are required, doors should be constructed in the positions as suggested in the Vaastu-Shastra, but no two doors be opposite each other.

44. Guest room or drawing room should be in the north or west direction.

45. Room for the watchman or guard should be built near the gate in the boundary wall on the left side. His quarter should be on the left side of the gate.