Vaastu for factories


Complete Vaastu recommendation for factories

1. More open space should be in north and east rather than in south and west.

2. Plot should be highest in south-west and lowest in North-east. If the plot is rectangular or square in shape, correct it as per Vaastu.

3. Boundary walls in south and west should be heavy and taller than walls in north and east.

4. South-west portion of construction should be highest point.

5. Slope of roof should be in north or east. it should not be the other way round.

6. If overhead water tank is required, it should be in south-west or west. But should not be in north-east

7. If underground water tank or storing tank is required, then it should be in north east but never in south west.

8. All rain water should flow from south to north or west to east.

9. Septic tank should be in central east or north but should not be in south or west.

10. Toilets, bathrooms should be in south east or north west.

11. Labor Quarters should be in south-east or north-west but never south-west.

12. Security guard should sit facing east or north only.

13. If temples is build, it should be in north-east.

14. Hanumanji idol should always be south facing.

15. Labor rest room should be in south-east or north-west. But never in south-west.

16. Canteen should be in south-east.

17. Big trees for pollution control should be in south and west side only.

18. Lawn or seasonal plants may be grown on east and north side of the factory.

19. Big heavy machineries to be installed on south and west side of the plant area.

20. All operators should face preferably north or east but never south.

21. Production should be from south to north or west to east.

22. Main end product will come out in north or east side.

23. Raw material godown should be in south west.

24. Finished goods godown should be in north-west.

25. Dispatches should be made from north-west gate facing east.

26. Transformer, Furnace, oven should be put in south-east.

27. If the chimney is very high then put some iron poll or any pile in south west which is higher than chimney.

28. Boss should always sit in south-west facing east or north. Boss means proprietor, managing director or working partner.

29.The bed-room of an industrialist also plays a vital role in his industry. If his/her bed room is anti-Vaastu, he/she will face problems in his/her industry.

30. Water in south-east will reduce production.

31. Parking in north or east side.

32. RCC slab construction should be in south or west and shed in north or east.