Transit of Mercury in Aries – 08th April 2022

Till now, Mercury was positioned in the Pisces zodiac sign. But now, Mercury will enter the Aries sign on Friday, 8th April 2022. The transit will occur at 11:50 pm on 8th April. The planet will be posited in Aries till 25 April 2022. It is a short duration Mercury transit. The reason for this is that the movement of the planet Mercury is very fast in comparison to other planets. Due to this, its transit is short. The transit of Mercury in the Aries sign will put some impact on natives of all zodiac signs. The effect of this transit on each zodiac sign is as follows.

Impact on Aries – Transit of Mercury in Aries

This transit will increase your courage and confidence. You will make serious decisions in your life that are important for the future. Do not become overconfident or argue with anyone especially in the office. You will invest your money and get more sources of income. Financial condition will be good. You will not get the support of your family. Aries natives should improve their relationship with their family by being close with them and by traveling with them. Your family will be happy if you give them a lunch or dinner party or treat. Health needs a lot of care. You should do exercises.

Remedy: Jaap Mercury or Budh Beej Mantra every day.

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Impact on Taurus – Transit of Mercury in Aries

Taurus ,This transit is favorable for you. Students will be able to visit a foreign country and businesspersons will get success in foreign lands. Professional life will be good and you will get fame and respect in your office. There can be some weakness in the financial condition. Expenses will increase and there will be a risk in investments. Singles may meet a partner at this time and love will grow between both of you. Your health will not be good. Some health problems may occur although it is minor. Consume home-cooked food and avoid outside food.

Remedy: Wear new clothes after washing them.

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Impact on Gemini – Transit of Mercury in Aries

Gemini, This transit will be profitable and beneficial for you. Your communication skills and creativity will improve. You will use creative ideas in your workplace. Businesspersons will get new deals. Financial life is good and you will get benefit from the stock market. Personal life and love relations will be good. You will have a good relationship and understanding with family members and spouse or lovers. Married natives will support their spouses and help them in achieving success. Social life will be good and you will get new friends. Your health will be good and there will be no major health problems.

Remedy: Donate rice in a temple. Donate milk also.

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Impact on Cancer – Transit of Mercury in Aries

Cancer, Professional life will have fluctuations and may go up and down. Work will be challenging. Sincere hard work will lead to success in the workplace. Some people may get a transfer. All obstacles will be removed if you are dedicated to your work. Workload will increase. Businesspersons will get profitable deals. Expenses will rise so you should make a budget and spend money accordingly. Relation with younger brother or sister will not be good and there will be tension in it. You will have a good relationship with your father and spouse or partner. Parents may have some health problems.

Remedy: Don’t take meat and alcohol.

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Impact on Leo – Transit of Mercury in Aries

This transit will give you career success. You will be aggressive and energetic in your work due to which you will get name and fame. You will develop good time management skills that will help you in your work. The financial condition of Leo natives will be good. Mercury will give you high income and you will accumulate wealth. Family relationships will be good especially relations with brothers and sisters. You will spend a good time with family members. The health of Leos will be very good. However, you must do regular exercises. Eat a healthy and nutritious diet.

Remedy: Feed the cow before eating the food itself.

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Impact on Virgo – Transit of Mercury in Aries

Virgo, You will have some changes in your professional life, for which you are not prepared beforehand. Work will not have good results and you may face challenges. There can be stress in the workplace. However, after some time conditions will become better. There can be an increase in income and you may get a promotion. Financial condition will be good. Investments done earlier will give good results now. You will pay loans and debts that you have taken. The spouse will support you. Be careful of your father’s health. Your health will be good. Take care of your health.

Remedy: Drink water in a silver glass.

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Impact on Libra – Transit of Mercury in Aries

Libra, Businesspersons of this zodiac sign will get good profit. You may expand your business. There are also chances of starting a new business. Sincere efforts will give you business success. Due to this transit, people who are working will get good opportunities in foreign countries. You may have expenses. But you will also get a chance to get a high income. Personal life may have some problems as your relationship with your love partner will be dull. Married people should be careful with their relations with in-laws. Your health will be good. You will feel energetic, healthy, and fit.

Remedy: Wear green-colored clothes every Wednesday.

Impact on Scorpio – Transit of Mercury in Aries

Scorpio, Professional life will have fluctuations and will go up and down. Your speech and manner of talking will be harsh and bitter. You should maintain a calm attitude and avoid a dispute with others. You need to control your expenditure. Family members will give you financial support. You may pay debts that you have taken in the past. Relationships with family and friends will be good. They will understand and support you. Your health will not be good. There can be hormonal disorders and skin diseases. You may have an allergy. Develop good eating habits. Avoid polluted places.

Remedy: Treat sister and aunt with respect. You should look after your daughter and small age girls.

Impact on Sagittarius – Transit of Mercury in Aries

In this transit of Mercury, your professional life will be very good and your experience and knowledge will give you success in the office. Businesspersons will get profit in business. Your life partner will get success in their work. You will become creative and knowledgeable. Sagittarius natives should take financial decisions after doing good research. Your financial condition will be good. The relationship with your father will be good. Your children will do well in their studies. There can be mental stress in this transit. There may be worries for the future. Make a good plan for your future life. You should avoid mental stress.
Remedy: Do fasting every Wednesday.

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Impact on Capricorn – Transit of Mercury in Aries

This transit will be very good for Capricorn natives. Professional life will be very good. You will become an expert in your profession. Your hard work will give you fame and respect in your office. However, your expenditure will be very high. You may purchase real estate or a new vehicle. The relationship with the family will be very good. The parent’s health will show signs of improvement. You will spend quality time with family and relatives. There can be some dispute about property in the family. Some minor health problems will be there. Eat green leafy vegetables to improve immunity.

Remedy: Donate green grass, moong, or spinach on Wednesdays.

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Impact on Aquarius – Transit of Mercury in Aries

During this transit, your professional life will be good. Your communication skills will give you benefit in your career and office. You will beat your rivals and competitors. The financial condition of Aquarius natives will be very good. You may spend money on short journeys and travels. Do not spend too much money otherwise it can lead to financial problems later. You will spend time good time with your brothers, sisters, and friends. You will be busy with hobbies. You may get good news about children. Health will be good. You will feel energetic and healthy.

Remedy: Do Jaap of Mercury beej mantra every day.

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Impact on Pisces – Transit of Mercury in Aries

In this transit, the matters related to property that was stuck in the past will remain in the same condition. The professional life of Pisces, natives will be stable. You will get economic prosperity. Businesspersons will get profit. Working professionals will progress in their workplace. Family relationships will be good and happy. Your parents’ health will be stable. Parents will appreciate you for your good work. Your married life and love relationships will be very good. There can be a minor argument with the life partner. There can be some help problem related to teeth or mouth. Maintain good oral hygiene.

Remedy: Wear 4 Mukhi Rudraksha.

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