How to Strengthen Your Love Bond, Tips on Strengthening Your Love Bond

For a lasting relationship you need to strengthen Your Love Bond with your partner. Here is how you can achieve that.

Your Love Bond

Life on earth is not all roses but thorns are there as well. The benevolent God has gifted humans with two beautiful gifts of LOVE and HOPE which give an incentive to live even in difficult situations. This article focuses on strengthening Your Love Bond with your partner.

Vulnerability of Relationships

Since the negative forces go hand in hand with the positive forces the relationships are always vulnerable to lack of trust, doubt and possessiveness. So we need to focus more on improving Communication, Forgiveness, Understanding, Trust, Intimacy, giving Free Space and Financial Independence.

Tips on Strengthening Your Love Bond

1. Communication: Always keep the communication channel open. Even in times of strained relations do not stop communicating. It is only through communication that any differences can be sorted out. Be open and share all your feelings and issues.

2. Forgiveness: ‘To err is human, but to forgive is Divine’. Getting hurt due to partner’s behaviour during his or her stressful times is very common. This hurt can block one’s urge to communicate, so greater problems can follow. Both partners must learn to forgive each other so that neither carries any tales in mind.

3. Understanding: Give plenty of quality time to your partner. It is only through moments of togetherness that both can learn minutely the weak as well as strong points or characteristics of each other. Give attention to your partner’s emotional, physical and material needs.

4. Trust: This is very important ingredient in relationship between life partners. Don’t ever let the silent killer ‘Doubt’ spoil the relationship. Place full trust in your partner. If you suspect something odd then talk over it and clarify instead of letting doubt magnify.

5. Intimacy: It is only through intimacy that Your Love Bond will flourish with ever new bliss. Don’t hesitate to hug and kiss each other. Come closer be physical, whenever possible to lower the barrier of modesty, but keep in mind your partner’s mood and liking, nothing should be forcible.

6. Free Space: Times have changed drastically, so being too possessive of your partner does not work. Every person even in close relationships wants some free independent space. This is because of the magnanimity of the human soul. So once trust is built let your partner have some independence to go his or her ways, provided limits of decency are not crossed.

7. Financial Independence: Where ever possible especially when only one partner is earning, the earning member must, if possible, give some amount every month to the non-working partner so that he or she is not dependant even for small essential personal purchases.

Article By: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar