Depression Astrology – How to Tackle Depression through Astrology?

Depression Astrology – Due to struggle, setback, obstacles and irritations in life one feels sad. Occasionally feeling sad or undergoing mood swings, are sometimes termed as ‘depression’ but medically depression is much more than just sadness.……

Depression Astrology - How to Tackle Depression through Astrology?

Symptoms of depression may vary from person to person but following are some common symptoms. Even some of these symptoms if experienced only occasionally may be just part of normal life.

Only if more than one of these symptoms stay for longer and don’t go away and tend to scar your normal life then you must pay attention as you may be under depression. [Peace of Mind through Astrology]

Depression Astrology – Common Signs and Symptoms of Depression

1. Feeling Helpless and Hopeless: You form an outlook that no efforts will make your life better so you feel gloomy.

2. Changes in Sleep Patterns: You find it difficult to fall asleep at night or oversleep in the morning etc. [DIRECTION OF SLEEPING]

3. Change of Appetite: If your appetite is not normal and either you eat less or more than required resulting in weight loss or extra gain.

4. Lack of Interest in Routine activities: You lose interest in your earlier hobbies, social activities or sexual interests with your life partner. [Vaastu Tips for Improving Sexual Relations]

5. Lack of Energy: Lacking energy to do your work and feeling sluggish and lifeless most of the time. [Bring Colour to your Life]

6. Feeling Irritable or Angry: Feelings of anger, irritation and discontentment without any strong reason.

7. Behaviour Changes: Feeling compulsive to resort to gambling, drinking, taking drugs or driving recklessly.

8. Inability to Concentrate: You find it difficult to focus your mind and concentrate on your work or studies.

9. Unexplained Body-aches and Pains: You may get body aches and pains without any visible reason or ailment.

It is advised that one should never ignore such persisting symptoms and must take expert medical advice and treatment.

Depression Astrology – How Can Astrology Help in Alleviating Depression?

The best use of astrology is to get your horoscope accurately analysed at an early age in order to know in advance any probabilities of undergoing depression in life. In case some probabilities are indicated under periods of some planets then follow the remedies as suggested by an expert based upon analysis of your horoscope. Such action may either prevent landing in problem or help in alleviating it fast.

It is highly recommended that in severe or acute cases or emergencies always resort to best medical advice and treatment in addition to astrological remedies.

Depression Astrology – Astrological Factors

Astrological factors which give one strength and confidence to accept life as it comes and keep alive the spark of life are as under:

The Ascendant Lord: In a birth chart the most auspicious planet is the one which governs the ascendant. The ascendant is the 1st house of your birth chart. A strong and well placed ascendant lord will let the rays of the ever existing inner Sun to light up your being in your hour of despair. [Functional Nature of Planets for All Ascendant Signs]

The Moon: Moon is given much importance in Vedic Astrology as our ancient sages realised the importance and role of human mind which is represented by the natal Moon. Even if you are physically strong you may get depressed easily due to difficulties faced in life if your mind is weak. Remedies for Unfavorable Moon

A weak or afflicted natal Moon may give lack of self-confidence, fluctuations of mood, cloudy mentality, anxiety and suicidal tendencies.

The Sun: In a birth chart the Sun represents the core personality of the native in addition to overall health. A strong and well placed Sun in a birth chart gives moral strength, inspiration and undying hope even in hour of despair.

Mercury: Our mind can be brought under control by right use of our intellect and the planet Mercury is the key planet for this.

The Ascendant: A strong and affliction free ascendant gives self-reliance and great strength of character.

The 4th House: Affliction free 4th house gives peace of mind and influence of 6th, 8th and 12th houses or their lords on the 4th house and its lord take away peace of mind and feelings of tranquility.

The 5th House: Strength and auspiciousness of the 5th house gives good intellect and ability to give and receive love.

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