Vaastu Tips for Improving Sexual Relations

Vaastu Tips Sexual Relations – Sex is an essential part of married life. Apart from procreation pure and mutual love based sex not only strengthens marital bond, it also evolves both partners.

Vaastu Tips sexual Relations

The environment of the place where sexual activity is done needs attention. In addition to general factors the Vaastu of the place influences relationship. Here are some tips, which if followed can enhance sexual relationships and bring happiness and satisfaction in married life:

Vaastu Tips for Bedroom

• The bed should be placed supported by a wall as it strengthens the relation. Make sure that there is no window on this supporting wall as
that may encourage extramarital relations.

• Prefer a wooden bed instead of a metallic one. A metallic bed may give air to egoistic problems between partners.

• If there is a mirror in the bedroom then make sure that it does not face the bed. A mirror due to reflection can disturb sleep which in turn can
bring irritation in the relationship.

• Avoid hanging or displaying pictures or idols of deities and ancestors in the bedroom as that takes away the vibrations of romance in that
area. In case due to space constraints you have no option then use a partition between sleeping area and the rest of the room.

• The room should have bright lights as well as dim light. For general use switch on bright lights so that sufficient energy flows there. In
romantic moments you may switch to dim lighting.

• Keep the room clean and clutter free in order to fill the area with positive energy.

• You may use bright colors for enhancing sexual feelings.

Tips for Direction of Head

• Keeping head towards south not only increases sexual pleasure it also gives relaxing sleep.

• Head towards west balances the sex life and brings sound sleep.

• Keeping head towards east makes one partner less active during sexual act and may causes irritation to the other.

• Head towards north not only disrupts sexual pleasure it also causes tiredness.

General Tips

• Take a refreshing bath, put some pleasant scent and wear attractive but comfortable clothes before sexual activity in order to enhance the
romantic feelings.

• Avoid wearing dark colors as that may cause ego clash between partners.

• Avoid blue or black colors on walls or for curtains instead use pink or lavender.

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Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar