Bring Colour to your Life

Bring Colour to your Life

Bring Colour to your Life Do not ignore your cravings for particular colours. The colours you crave for maybe the ones you need to balance your system. Every Colour has a different energy and purpose

Bring Colour to your Life

You may desire a particular colour, do not ignore that desire; it could be the colour your system needs at that time in order to balance itself.

Your desire may become a craving or addiction for one or more specific colours. That means that you had ignored the feeble callings of your body in the form of desires and your body is now crying through cravings. Listen to the language of your body.

Bring Colour to your Life Colours; the Healing Energy

Different colours are in fact different forms of energy. Scientifically it is the frequency or wavelength which distinguishes one colour from the other. Although there are seven distinct colours in a rainbow yet there are infinite numbers of shades and hues practically possible due to mixture of various colours.

Each colour because of different energy has distinct characteristics. For example white has a cooling effect; blue soothes our eyes and red gives energy and so on. Colours have inherent healing potential.

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Listen to your Body’s Language

Your body or rather more appropriately your system which includes physical, emotional and mental aspects of your being expresses its requirements through your desires and cravings for different colours. Your desire for colours may change from time to time and reflect the requirement of particular colour energy at that time.

For example, if you are passing through a stressful period of life or have just come out of one then you may feel desire or craving for orange colour around you and in your food items. You may feel like eating oranges. The Orange colour belongs to the Sun and has great stress and trauma relieving potential and your body was instinctively craving for that. If you are not aware of all this then ignoring certain desires and cravings can keep your system imbalanced and your life becomes dull and colourless.

First Choice is important

The very first choice regarding colour is instinctive and thus the one your system requires at that time. If you do not listen to your systems feeble calling in the form of the first choice and go as per other’s choice or the one based on logic then you fail to satisfy your system’s specific need

Apart from your life long favourite colours your choice of other colours and shades from time to time can vary as these are your system’s transitory requirements.

Your Favourite Colours

Your favourite colours or the ones always used by you are the ones that belong to your core personality and are essential to maintain your system’s balance throughout life.

Bring Colour to your Life – A useful Tip

Do not wear indigo nor surround yourself with this colour if you feel depressed and isolated. At such time orange, red, yellow will lift you up and bring zing in life!

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Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar