There are certain rules mentioned for sleeping in Vaastu Shastra. Generally we don’t think much and sleep whatever way suits to us. But directions matter and should be taken into consideration as each direction has its own merits and demerits. If one sleeps with his/her Head in South and legs in North is auspicious. It is because head is North Pole in body and legs is South Pole. Sleeping this way, magnetic property of the Earth makes direct coordination with the body which results in positive and serious outlook in behavior. These two qualities are essential for long lasting and cordial relationship.

Joint families are being divided into nuclear units due to false ego and lust for materialistic pleasures. The major cause of this split in the families is bitter relationship between mother-in-law & daughter-in-law. There are many psychological as well as other methods which can help one to make these sensitive relations more cordial & sweet along with the Vaastu principles which can be proved very effective in this respect. In today’s scenario, when there are conflicts and splits in the family, to make a healthy society & family , the couplet written by the poet Rahimdas seems to be quite suitable :-

“Raiman Dhaga Prem ka, Mat Todo Chtkaye|
Tute Se Phir No Jude, Jude Ganth Par Jaye||”

Means, there should not be such situations created in the family, which break the thread of love because once it is broken it is very difficult to join it without having a knot in it. For unity / togetherness in the family other relations like relations between sister-in-laws younger and elder, (Devrani & Jethani) Nand Bhabhi etc should also be sweet & healthy than mother –in–law- & daughter-in-law. If one follows the principles of Vaastu while sleeping it helps one to maintain peace & harmony in the family.

The Correct Direction To Sleep

According to Vastu Shastra, if the head of the family sleeps in South direction then his better half (wife) also sleeps in the same direction. The position of head in South and legs in North while sleeping is considered auspicious. Human body works like a tiny magnet. The Northern pole of the body is head and Southern pole is legs and this position of the body when in sleep, controls the human mind. So many rays from human body and mind are controlled by the electronic effect of magnet. Head in South in sleep brings balance with earth magnetic influence. It helps one to have positive thinking and sincerity in behavior. Not only this, South direction enhances one’s self confidence and leadership qualities. If it is not possible to sleep with your head in South direction, in that case one can sleep facing his head in the East and legs in the West. If owner of the house and his wife or any other female in the family sleeps with head in South direction, that person becomes influential. Those ladies who stay or sleep in Agni Kona (South East) direction, they have difference of opinions with those ladies who sleep in South. Young male or female can sleep in Agni Kona only for short time. This corner is auspicious for study or research work.

When Mother-in-law & Daughter-in-law sleep in South

In residential house, South is the most powerful direction. That is the reason a mother-in-law should sleep in this direction. In the absence of mother-in-law, the eldest daughter-in-law in the family should sleep in this corner. If mother-in-law is there, in that case first daughter-in-law should sleep in South West, the second eldest in the East. Wife should sleep in left side of her husband in South direction. If arrangement of bed is made in Agni Kona direction, in that case, wife should sleep in right direction of her husband. Senior ladies of the family like mother-in-law or the eldest daughter-in-law should not sleep in East or Ishaan Corner.