Red Book and Vaastu shastra

Red Book and Vaastu shastra

Red Book and Vaastu shastra – The other name for Saturn is sanayeshchar which means the one that walks slowly. Saturn is also called slow. It stays in one house of the horoscope for almost two and a half years. To go around all the 12 houses of the horoscopes it takes approximately 30 years. Meaning of house is something which is stationery residence.

Red Book and Vaastu shastra

Where people of your family and other relatives stay peacefully with each other. According to astrology Saturn is related to the house. It is Saturn which helps in the creation of house either once or time and again. It is the Saturn which is responsible for the demolition of the house as well. If Saturn is of higher retrograde (Libran) it will get the house built time and again. If Saturn is of inferior retrograde (Aries) it will lead to destruction of house and property. There are similar results if the same patterns of the planets come together.

Red Book and Vaastu shastra – Saturn in the first house

If people have Saturn in the first house and if they get a house built they are ruined and become poor. The reason for this is that here the Saturn becomes inferior because of Aries. But if the seventh or tenth house does not have any planets in them it is auspicious to build your house. The reason is seventh house is the house of Saturn and tenth house belongs to its ruling planet Capricorn. The Saturn has its impact in absence of any other planet in this house.

Red Book and Vaastu shastra – Saturn in the Second house

This house belongs to the Saturn’s friend which is Venus. Venus is the lord of pleasures and riches. And therefore it is auspicious if it occupies this house. Get the house built irrespective of the beauty, size and aesthetics it will turn out to be lucky for you.

Saturn in the Third house

Third house belongs to mercury which has Gemini as its partner. Mercury is an impotent planet. And Saturn is also an impotent planet. Therefore you should have three pet dogs. Doing so will lead to you being able to construct your own house. The dog barks at a lonely house and therefore the house becomes lonely. It becomes isolated. It is said that a dog barks at a lonely house.

Saturn in the Fourth house

Fourth house belongs to land and residence. The house that you build on your own is not good for either the maternal side or the in-laws. The lord of the fourth house is the moon which is an enemy to Saturn. In such case the moment you start digging the foundation of the house it initiates problems at your in-laws place. Both you and your in-laws face problems. Therefore people who have Saturn in their fourth house should not be involved in the construction of your own house. It impacts the in-laws because wife is placed in the seventh house and fourth house belongs to the father in-laws. And therefore the in-laws are placed in the fourth house.

Red Book and Vaastu shastra – Saturn in the Fifth house

If sun is located along with Saturn and since Saturn is the son of sun. If such people would get their house built there will be unfavorable things would start happening. But if the son gets the house built it is considered auspicious and result bearing. If get the house built becomes a compulsion you should get house built only after 48 years of your age and also get a buffalo at your house feed the buffalo nicely and then mark the buffalo and leave it. You start the construction only after doing this.

Saturn in the Sixth house

Here Virgo is mercurial and it is a friend of Saturn. Saturn certifies the age limit for construction of your house to be 39Yrs. And doing so is after this age limit is considered appropriate. If you get a house built before this age then the progeny of these people which is the relatives are destroyed/doomed.

Saturn in the Seventh house

You will get ready to move in houses and they will also be auspicious for you. If you have to sell the house make sure that you preserve the door-frame of your oldest house. This will help in getting the same number of houses built again as you had earlier.

Saturn in the Eighth house

Here the Scorpion horoscope and this belongs to Mars. So the moment you start the construction your house it will pose a threat to your life. Eight houses symbolize death. Here Saturn has it impact according to the position of rahu and ketu.

Saturn in the Ninth house

If such persons wife or mother is pregnant and he starts constructing his house by spending his own hard earned income then it starts impacting the father negatively. If such people get at least three house constructed on their own in that case father will certainly die.

Saturn in the Tenth house

You are able to earn enough wealth till the time you do not get your own house built. The moment you get your own house built you will become poor. This will happen only in case where Saturn is losing its power or getting weaker or is incomplete.

Saturn in the Eleventh house

You will be able to construct your house only after the age of 55. If you continue to stay in the house which has its main door towards the south you will stay unwell for a long time and will have an extremely painful death.

Saturn in the Twelfth house

Animals which symbolize Saturn like snake, monkey, and sun never dig their burrows or make their houses but now they will know to construct their houses and what that means is now your house will be constructed without you even wishing for the same and will also be very auspicious for you. Even if the Saturn and sun are together one should not stop the construction of the house. The house should be built in the form of a square with the angle of the squares being 90 degrees each and this is considered favorable.

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