Remedies for Success in Education

Education an important in human life

Remedies for Success in Education – When you want to attain success in your career then you have to also get success in your education. Thus, we recommend you to do some remedies when you feel that your education or studies are being obstructed due to adverse planets in your horoscope.

Remedies for Success in Education

Remedies for Success in Education according to planets

1) Education Remedies for adverse Sun

Keep fasts on Sundays, worship Sun and wear a Ruby in a copper or Golden ring on Sundays during morning hours.

2) Education Remedies for adverse Moon

Keep fasts on Mondays, wear a good quality pearl in Silver ring on Mondays during hours, respect your mother and donate milk or rice to Brahmins on Mondays.

3) Education Remedies for adverse Mars

Keep fasts on Tuesdays, worship Hanuman on Tuesdays, wear a red coral in a golden or copper ring on Tuesdays. Donate red colored clothes to Brahmins on Tuesdays.

4) Education Remedies for adverse Mercury

Keep fasts on Wednesdays, worship Lord Ganesh with laddoos on Wednesday, wear a green Emerald in silver ring on Wednesdays, donate books and copies to children on Wednesday.

5) Education Remedies for adverse Jupiter

Keep fasts on Thursdays, worship Lord Vishnu on Thursdays, donate yellow grains on Thursdays and wear a yellow Sapphire on Thursdays in a golden ring.

6) Education Remedies for adverse Venus

Keep fasts on Fridays, respect women and donate sugar or curd on Friday. Wear a diamond in a silver ring on Fridays.

7) Education Remedies for adverse Saturn, Rahu and Ketu

Keep fasts on Saturday, donate mustard oil, black sesames and clothes of black, blue and checks color shades. Feed black dogs on Saturdays.

Education Remedies according to deities

When you want to attain success in your education then keep fasts on Wednesdays and worship Goddess Saraswati as she is the presiding deity of education and learning. Also worship Lord Ganesha as he is the presiding deity of intellect.

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Easy Remedies for Success in Education