LaalKitaab (The Red Book)

Laal Kitaab (The Red Book)

The Book of Hope and Promise.The Laal Kitaab or the Red Book containing a unique system of divination is not ‘red’ in colour. It is so called because it is as prominent as Red colour in drawing your attention to its effective remedies.

Laal Kitaab

The Origin of Laal Kitaab…

No one knows the exact origin of the material of this wonderful book of unique divination techniques and most effective remedies.

Before partition of India-Pakistan in the part of the Punjab region which is now in Pakistan the British administration carried out some excavation work. During this excavation some ancient copper plates with Urdu and Persian language inscriptions were dug out. These plates were taken to the Indian linguist and astrologer Pundit Giridhari Lal Sharma for deciphering. He revealed that the copper plates carried unique astrological texts referred to as the Laal Kitaab.

Later between the years 1939 to 1942 Pundit Rup Chand the cousin of Pundit Giridhari Lal Sharma got the texts published in the form of five volumes of presently available Laal Kitaab.

Well whatever be the origin of this wonderful book it is the time tested simple remedies of Laal Kitaab which have given solace to countless people who followed these with faith.

Let us not spoil the Sanctity of this Holy Book

As with Numerology and astrology some commercial minded people have created their own versions of this book. This is wrong and the sincere practitioners must avoid doing so in order to keep the sanctity of the original text which carries special blessings of our wise sages. Only the original can be effective in terms of accuracy and curative power.

A Unique System of Divination …

The system of Laal Kitaab is different from that of Vedic Astrology. Ascendant wise the chart is only of one type viz. Aries ascendant chart.

The nine planets are ruled by the nine corresponding gods or goddess as shown in the table below:

PlanetRuling god/goddess
SaturnBaba Bhairon

The Laal Kitaab is in fact a treatise on astro-palmistry; astrology and palmistry complement and supplement each other, for example as per the Laal Kitaab,if the sun is in the 2nd house of a native’s chart, the native must possess a certain kind of sun-line in his or her palm.

So from the hand of the native the horoscope can be verified or an expert can make a birth chart from the lines of hand of a person.

The Laal Kitaab refers only to the birth chart, and its own unique number chart to cast the Laal Kitaab varshphal or yearly chart of the native. Laal Kitaab has no system of planetary periods and consideration of transits as in Vedic astrology.

Laal Kitaab Remedies

The remedies as per the Laal Kitaab are simple but very effective. There are no mantras for recitation or gemstones for wearing but certain procedures which can be carried out with little effort.

It is extremely important that the advice of the expert is followed down to fine details. The remedies gain potency if carried out for 40 to 43 days or weeks as per the advice of the expert.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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