Do I Need My Birth Time To Be Rectified – Birth Time Rectification

Do i need my birth time to be rectified – Birth Time Rectification

Birth Time Rectification : We all know that the time and the place (where the birth has taken place) play an important role in the formation of the ascendant of the horoscope and accordingly all the houses are fixed in a horoscope and so do the planets and the zodiac signs in a particular horoscope. In order to have the accuracy in predictions made by an astrologer we, need to have the correct horoscope and for the formation of the correct horoscope we need the correct ascendant, for which we need the correct time and the correct longitude& latitude of the place of birth.


Birth Time Rectification

As per the fundamental rules one second change in the local Mean Time causes 15 second changes in the longitudinal degree of the ascendant. One degree change in the longitude of the place of birth will cause four minutes change in the Local Mean Time. Four minutes change in the Local Mean Time cause one degree change in the ascendant, which may cause serious flaws in the prediction of a horoscope of a particular native. From Poverty to Richness

Birth Time Rectification – There is always a possibility of the noted time of birth being incorrect because of the following

1. If the birth has taken place at home, there is a strong possibility that the clock was not set to the right time before the birth.

2. If the birth has taken place in a hospital, we all know that the Doctor as well as the staff attending the case are more concerned about the well-being of the mother and the new born baby instead of paying any extra attention to the actual time of birth, and it may cause the difference of some second/minutes, which in turn cause the wrong selection of the ascendant, which can be the reason of formation of the wrong horoscope.

3. Most of the people have the confusion about, what should be the noted time of birth, viz.the time of cutting the umbilical cord or the time of first cry of the new born or the time of first breadth of the new born. Actually it should be the time of moment of taking the possession of the physical body by the incarnated soul, which can be calculated only by means of scientific calculations and matching the sub-sub lords of the various cuspal positions in the horoscope with the past events in the family of the native. Birth Chart Directions – Vastu and Birth Chart

A rectified horoscope should reveal all the genetically connections and the major incidents in the life of the native. One of the most reliable and of the most scientific approach to calculate the correct ascendant is as per the theory of kalamsa and cuspal interlinks.

In the light of the above it is strongly recommended that one should get his/her horoscope rectified by a learned astrologer. Only an Accurate Horoscope should be relied


About the native himself or herself.

1. Date of birth, Time of birth, Place of birth with pin code, City, state& country of birth

2. Details as in Para 1, for the immediate elder-co-born and immediate younger co-born with gender.

3. Birth details of both the parents as mentioned in Para 1 (if available).

4.Death of any blood relation(paternal grand- parents, parent, brother, sister, child) as the case may be.

5. Any major incident in life which needed the special attention of the native.

All the above details of the life partner (if married).

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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