From Poverty to Richness

Your horoscope is the Planet-Based-Probability-Map (PBPM) at your birth. But its source is your own previously taken good as well as bad actions mixed up with plans for current life.


You may have been born poor, but you have the potential to become rich. Life on earth is Karma (Action) oriented and each one of us is born with certain amount of free-will. Your degree of freedom to reshape your horoscope is decided by your accumulated Karma plus the plans you made before incarnating the present body. Disease and Suffering due to Previous Karma

The truth is that we are here to learn and evolve, so it could be that while you were in the astral before birth, you had planned circumstances of poverty, scarcity and hardships in order to gain certain experiences. So the higher forces selected your birth time in order to provide a broad canvas of supporting circumstances based upon planetary positions.

After taking birth the prenatal memory is erased from the conscious mind goes into the subconscious. But whatever the reason for your present position and circumstances, you still have inborn potential to transform.

Astrological Combinations Indicating Poverty

Here are some of the combinations or Yogas which as per astrological principles of Vedic astrology indicate poverty:

• The 8th lord if stronger than the 9th lord indicates poverty.

• The placement of Venus, Jupiter, Moon and Mars in the ascendant, 10th house, 9th house, 7th house respectively in their enemy’s or debilitation signs indicate poverty.

• If Saturn placed in the 9th house is aspected by malefics and Mercury in debilitated Navansh is conjunct Sun in the ascendant then poverty is indicated.

• If in a chart Jupiter as the ascendant lord is weak and placed outside the square houses in close conjunction with the Sun then circumstances of poverty are indicated.

• If in a chart the square houses are occupied by malefics and the ascendant lord is weak and also the 2nd lord is combust then poverty is indicated.

• Jupiter placed in the 6th or 12th house in signs other than its own and that of exaltation indicates poverty.

• If malefics occupy the 2nd house under malefic aspects and the 2nd lord is weak and combust then scarcity and poor conditions for the native is indicated.

Planets that Help in Spiritual Pursuits

Some General Remedies

• Recite the Sun mantra at sunrise 108 times for forty days, “Om Hreem Ghrini Sooriye Aaditaya Shreem”

• Start worship of goddess Lakshami (Lakshami Pooja) from the day when the Moon is in Rohini Nakshatra and carry it on continuously for 21 days without break. Sit before combined picture of goddess Lakshami and Lord Vishnu.

• Establish an energised Kuber Yantra at your place of residence.

Recite 108 times this mantra by sitting before image of Lakshami and Lord Vishnu before sunrise every day for 41 days,

“Om Shri Mahalakshmya cha Vidmahe Vishnu Patnyaicha Dhimahi Tanno Lakshmihi-prachodayaat Om”

• Donate 10% of your income each month for welfare of the downtrodden. Donate without making a show of it and without expecting anything in return.

Numerology and Karma

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar