Will it be a Boy or a Girl?

Speculations start with the confirmation of pregnancy. Will it be a boy or a Girl? Before we delve into the astrological indications, we need to introspect about this question.


Why it is important to know? …

If our society really considers the equality of males and females then either should be welcome in the form of a new born. But the hard fact is that it is not so. People even in so called advanced societies have a serious gender bias. A draft resolution has been passed by a council of Europe equal opportunities committee which prevents doctors from revealing information about the sex of the foetus.

So even in the western societies the practice of selective female foetus abortion is causing concern. The above council also includes countries like United Kingdom. The possibility of this resolution coming into action has caused anger to certain groups in those countries.

So, Indians are not alone in such wrong practices.

Female Infanticide …

The problem of female infanticide or pre-birth killing of female foetus is not new in countries like India and China.According to a report about 10 million girls have been killed by their parents in India alone in the past twenty years or so. As per the 2001 consensus of India, while the national figure was 933 girls to 1000 boys the position was worst in prosperous and advanced state of Punjab with only 798 girls to 1000 boys.

Are we spiritually so blind? …

Looking at such ignorance the question arises whether or not we have even a little awareness at the spiritual level? It is a shame to be called a human; considered a supreme creation of God.

The moment we understand the purpose of life we would realise that a soul incarnates in a human form just to gain certain experiences in order to evolve. Male and female forms are distinctly different modes through which a soul gains uniquely different experiences.

There is no equality in the eyes of God …

God has created both a male and a female because both are different to each other, having assigned different functions by nature. There should be no doubt that both need to be treated equal as far as human rights are concerned. But in regard to certain functions assigned by Nature such as child bearing and rearing both are completely different. Because of such difference in nature both sexes experience life in distinctly different ways. So a soul desiring to learn certain lessons which could be possible only in female form need a female body and vice versa.

So in this light of spiritual awakening let us not be an obstacle in God’s greater plan by killing unborn female foetuses or by ill-treating female child.

Astrological indications …
Now with all this deeper insight into the God’s plan we can purely for educative purposes ponder over the astrological indications about the gender of a baby to be born.

Take the indications as purely probabilities and not certainties and this applies to indications of all types in a birth chart. A broad outline is set as per the relative position and placement of planets and signs at the time of birth of a child. All indications are only probabilities and never ever certainties. A lot depends upon a person’s physical, mental and spiritual development from the time of birth onwards. Even the Karmic indications are all the time under scrutiny of the Divine forces and may get modified, delayed, diluted or even completely written off. Remember if we stop axing our own feet then all the Nature’s forces are geared up to help us evolve, move ahead and never to let us suffer unnecessarily.

So get your horoscope analysed and accept whatever is indicated. Welcome the male as well as female child thinking that God has entrusted you to provide support to the entity for having valuable experiences through its life on Earth.

The Houses …

In both male as well as female birth charts the 5th house indicates progeny. In a males chart the 2nd house indicates continuance of family tradition.The 5th house in a female chart indicates children in general and in particular the conception of the first child, the 7th house that of the second and 9th house that of the third child and so on.Any operation involved is indicated from the 8th house whereas hospitalisation is from the 12th house.

The Planets …

Apart from the lords of the above houses the significator of progeny is Jupiter. Aspects and associations of natural or functional malefic are obstacles in child birth. Ketu in particular is abortive planet. Mercury and Saturn are impotent in nature.
The Significator planets for a male child are Jupiter and Sun
Classification of planets as per gender:

Male Planets

Female Planets

Eunuch Planets

Sun, Mars and Jupiter are male planets

Moon and Venus are female planets

Saturn and Mercury are neither male nor female hence these are classified as eunuchs.

The Signs …

Classification of Zodiacal Signs is as under.



Male Signs

Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius are called Male signs.

Female Signs

Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces are called female signs

For knowing the possibility of a male child the 2nd house in addition to the 5th, 7th or 9th needs to be analysed. The 2nd house signifies continuance of the family line. So in case of a male child the 2nd house gets involved.
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