Astrology of Cesarean Child Birth

Astrology of Cesarean Child Birth

Cesarean Child Birth – Try to see the invisible God’s hand behind the visible hand of a surgeon. You must play your role well in making a cesarean birth a success. The article reveals certain facts about this important matter.

Cesarean Child Birth

Once I was explaining to a friend that the time of birth is predestined as per planetary positions. A person standing there interrupted by saying, “if this is so then where do your planets go when it has to be a cesarean birth before time?”

I humbly replied that it still remains under planetary control and can’t be labelled as unnatural. That person did not look satisfied with my answer and just went away. Let me explain the facts here to satisfy curiosity of many and to pinpoint our important role in this matter.

Cesarean Child Birth: In this matter the science of Astrology and Mahurata can be of great help as explained here.

For predicting probability of a cesarean birth, the birth charts of both partners viz. the husband and the wife need to be analysed. Look for more than one indication on the lines as described below. Also note that the main house related to progeny and in particular the first child is the 5th house. In case of 2nd child analyse the 7th and in case of the third child analyse the 9th in addition to the basic progeny house viz. the 5th.

• If in a birth chart the 5th lord is Mars and it is ill placed or under afflictions of Saturn, Rahu or Mercury.

• If in a birth chart Mars is placed in 2nd, 5th, 10th or 11th house.

• If during the expected time of birth the planetary periods in husband and wife’s horoscope are of planets afflicting the 5th house or posited in Nakshatras (Constellations) of afflicted or malefic planets.

• If the 5th lord is weak and under afflictions.

• If the 5th lord is placed in a malefic house or constellation or navamsha.

Electing Auspicious Time (Mahurat) for Cesarean Child Birth.

Generally in medical terms there is flexibility of conducting a cesarean operation within a couple of days. So if one gets some time then it is better to consult an expert in order to find out the best auspicious time or Mahurata for getting the operation done. But it is advised that before consulting an expert get to know from the concerned doctors the timings and days during which they will be able to do the operation depending upon their availability and other constraints of the nursing home or hospital. Equipped with this info then go to an expert and get a suitable Mahurat timing.

For finding an auspicious Mahurat keep in mind the following points. Practically you may not be able to follow many of these, but try to satisfy as many as possible. Leave it to the expert he will guide more precisely and take care:

• In the mahurataKundali (Chart of the auspicious time) maximum planets should be in
square and trine houses.

• Preferably no planets at that time in 6th, 8th and 12th houses.

• The natal Moon should have sufficient strength and it is supported by other planets.

• The ascendant and the 7th house is free from afflictions.

• Any auspicious Yoga if present at that time is good.

• The ascendant lord of the Mahuratakundali should be placed in a friendly or exalted Navamsha.

• Select a Nakshatra of Moon so that favourable planetary periods come during most
part of life.

• Avoid a time when planetary periods of 2nd and 7th houses and 6th and 8th houses
are there at birth or soon after that.

• The 5th house of the chart is not under malefic effects in particular of Mars and Rahu.

• If possible avoid birth during no Moon (Amavasya), eclipse and Sankranti (when Sun changes sign).

• Avoid timings when any malefic Yoga like Kemudrum, KaalSarpa etc. is formed.

• Avoid Gandmool Dosha

Do your Part and Leave the rest to God’s Will..

Just do as directed and then leave it to God’s will. In case you have no time to think or consult an expert then sit calmly pray to God and let the doctor decide. Do not tell anything negative or discouraging to the woman concerned (who is to give birth). Tell her repeatedly that ‘all is well’ and keep her morale high that is very important.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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