Nakshatra Uttarashada

Nakshatra Uttarashada

Nakshatra Uttarashada(23020’ Capricorn – 6040’ Aquarius) is the 21rd Nakshatra and the word ‘Uttarashada’ translates into the ‘Latter Invincible One’ or the ‘Latter Unconquered’. This meaning reveals the crux of this asterism, which has more to do with the term ‘final victory’ than any other asterism. It also reveals that it forms a pair with its predecessor Purvashadha, in the same way as Purvaphalguni and Uttaraphalguni form a pair. The one pada of this asterism falls in Sagittarius sign while the three are in Capricorn; hence the first pada has influence of Jupiter rest all have Saturn who rules Capricorn.

Symbol For Nakshatra Uttarashada

It primary symbol is an ‘elephant’s tusk’. The tusk is the most prized part of an elephant’s anatomy. Elephants are usually very conscious of their tusks and zealously guard them. Researchers have found that the type, color and size of the tusk have something to do with who becomes the leader of an elephant tribe. It follows that Uttarashadha has a lot to do with leadership issues. It also conveys a certain sense of fearlessness and a go ahead spirit.

Professions For Nakshatra Uttarashada

Preachers, Priests, Counselors, Astrologers, Lawyers (of an ethical nature), Judges, Government Officials, Psychologists,
Military Professions, Equine professions, Pioneers, Explorers, Wrestlers, Sword fighters and other combat sports, Athletes, and Elephant trainers,
Business Executives, Organizers, Defense Industry, Authority figures of all types, Teachers, Guards, High class Servants, Bird watchers & enthusiasts, Body Guards, Security Personnel, Rangers, Hunters, Construction Industry, Cricketers, Holistic Physicians, Politicians All professions requiring a sense of responsibility and ethics.
Description of Lord Ganesha’s Twelve Names

Planetary Ruler For Nakshatra Uttarashada

Sun is the main planetary ruler of this nakshatra. The solar principle, which was born in Krittika, reaches its zenith in this nakshatra. Theoretically it is suffice to say that the Sun does not exist after this nakshatra. It means that the soul’s ability to affect its surroundings reaches a peak in this nakshatra. In its highest aspect, the individual will is completely turned with the universal will and thus all the actions on a worldly plane are taken without the involvement of ego and selfishness. The sense of right and wrong which is required here is not related to personal human laws but to the divine laws of the universal mind. This is the nakshatra where the ego and individuality is sacrificed for the sake of the greater good.

According to Varahamihira, those born with Moon in this nakshatra are “modest, graceful, grateful, fortunate, abide by dharma and have many friends”.

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