Nakshatra Rohini

Nakshatra Rohini

Nakshatra Rohini 10°00- 23°20’ Taurus is the fourth Nakshatra and The word “Rohini” translates into the “Reddish One” or the “Growing One”.The “one” here carries a feminine tone and can be read as “celestial woman”. The color Red evokes notions of warmth, passion and liveliness. The fact that in ancient cultures it was seen as the color of abundance and prosperity reveals some of the essential characteristics of Rohini. Its alternative names – Vidhi and Viranchi, a name which relates to Brahma (the Creator among the Trinity), reveal more sides of this fascinating Nakshatra. Rohini Nakshatra falls in Taurus sign.

Symbol For Nakshatra Rohini

Rohini’s man symbol is an Ox-Cart pulled by two Oxens. Oxen have been used as fertility symbols by all ancient cultures. Even Taurus, the sign representing ‘bounties of the earth’, has a bull, ox or cow as its symbol. In countries like India, where Vedic civilization flourished, an ox cart was one of the only ways to transport various earth produces like crops over large distances. They serve the same function which trucks serve in the present day and age.

It relationship with the ox cart immediately suggests that it has a lot t do with all aspects of agriculture, cattle rearing and all other activities involving material produce. The “carrier” aspect of the ox-cart relates Rohini to all kinds of conveyances. An ox-cart is a very earthy symbol and as a matter of fact, Rohini is the most materialistic amongst the Nakshatras. In ancient times ox-carts were the “wheels of commerce”. Thus in the present day and age, Rohini relates to all kinds of commerce and financial dealings.

All the qualities normally ascribed to the sign Taurus and oxen such as – earthiness, stability, creativity, productivity, material security, acquisitiveness, refinement, accumulating, luxury loving, indulgence, idealism in love, beauty and relationship are mostly derived from Rohini’s essential qualities.

Profession For Nakshatra Rohini

All professions relating with growing, processing and handling food, Farming, Agriculturists of all types, Botanists, Herbalists, Artists, Musicians, Entertainment and Leisure Industries, Fashion & Cosmetic Industry.

Rohini also includes Beauticians and Sex Therapists, Jewelers, Gemstone Dealers, Interior Decorators, Bankers and Financiers, Transportation and Business person.

Professions related to Tourism Industry, Automobile Industry, Oil & Petroleum Industry, Textile Industry, & Shipping Industry. Food Production, Packaging & Distribution Industry, All professions connected with Aquatic products and Liquids of all types.

Planetary Ruler For Nakshatra Rohini

Moon and Venus are the two planets connected with Rohini. Moon is Rohini’s main planetary ruler. The lunar energy imbues Rohini with primordial feminine energy. Venus is also related to shakti, the universal feminine force. The confluence of two feminine planets makes Rohini a portal for material expression of shakti.

Moon’s natural grace, nurturing ability and maternity combines with Venusian charm, creativity and productivity to make Rohini one of the most fruitful nakshatras. It is the most feminine amongst all the nakshatras and therefore the most receptive and productive. Just like Mother Earth, it provides for all without bias. Moon-Venus conjunction carries energy similar to Rohini. Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn express themselves strongly when placed in Rohini.

According to Varahamihira, those born with Moon in Rohini are “honest, pure, beautiful, have steady minds and pleasant speech.”

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