Nakshatra Bharani

Nakshatra Bharani

Nakshatra Bharani (13°20’- 26°40’ Aries) is the second Nakshatra (Constellation) and the first female Nakshatra just like the number ‘2’ in numerology. Nakshatra Bharani starts from 13 degree 20 minutes to 26 degree 40 minutes in Aries sign. Bharani can be roughly translated into ‘bearing’ or ‘she who bears’, and relates primarily to the feminine side of nature and its capacity to receive, hold, nurture and destroy.

Symbol For Nakshatra Bharani

Female’s reproductive organs can be seen as the symbols of this Nakshatra. Extreme is the one word which sums up this Nakshatra’s essential nature and functioning. Conjunction of Mars and Venus in a nativity carries energy similar to that of Bharani. Saturn reaches in its debilitation in this Nakshatra. Bharani is the warm place of creativity and fertility.

Profession For Nakshatra Bharani

Well!! Professions suited for those who have Bharani Nakshatra in ascendant, Moon or tenth house (which is the profession house)- All professions related to birth and death – fertility clinics, gynecologists, midwives, morticians- who work for morgues and funerals, coffin makers, obituary writers, & officials’ handlings of birth/death records. All professions need nurturing, caring at the tender age- baby sitters, nannies, Nursery school teachers & profession connected with amusement- theme park, children’s toys industry.
All professions related to tobacco, tea, coffee industry, cook, caterer, hoteliers, film & entertainment industry, photographers & photography studios, models, biologists and Microbiologists, seed and fertilizer industries, last but not the least professions related to exotic night clubs.

Planetary Ruler For Nakshatra Bharani

The main planets connected with this Nakshatra are Mars and Venus. Mars is the ruler sign of the sign Aries, and Venus is the main planetary ruler of this Nakshatra. Venus can be said to be born in Bharani. Venus in Bharani acts as a ‘bringer of life. In combination with Mars who is the lord of Scorpio too signifies death. Thus Venus signifies the universal cycle process of life and death on all levels of existence, especially biological.

Unlike Ashvini which is moveable and fiery, it is a static and earthy Nakshatra. Inspite of that Bharani almost tries to break the social norms or taboos one way or the other. It is highly explosive energy. It is human Nakshatra and relates to the second and seventh houses in a chart. One’s partner, family and resources are all what the common man cares about. These are the houses of life and death.

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