Nakshatra Chitra

Nakshatra Chitra(23° 20’ Virgo- 6° 40’ Libra) is the fourteenth Nakshatra and the word ‘Chitra’ conveys a wide variety of meanings in English ranging from ‘Glittering’, ‘Brilliant’, ‘Bright’, ‘Art’, Artful”, ‘Beautiful’, ‘Variegated’, ‘Illusory’, ‘Visually Exciting’ or ‘Magic’. In a way this nakshatra conveys more of its inherent qualities through its name than any other asterism. Half of Chitra falls in Virgo and half in Libra sign. Hence the planets rule this Nakshatra are Mercury & Venus.

Symbol For Nakshatra Chitra

In keeping with its name, its main symbol is a ‘big, bright, shining jewel’. Gemstones, as we know, are formed under conditions of intense heat and pressure acting over rocks and minerals for millions of years. On a material plane, the universe has to come a long way from the initial big bang to the stage where gems are produced on planets such as ours. A gem can thus be seen to be the apex of the universe’s striving for beauty and perfection of form.

Professions For Nakshatra Chitra

All professions requiring special abilities and versatility, Business Expert, Interior Designers, Jeweler makes, all types of Craftsmen and Artisans, Sculptors, Architects, Designers, Fashion Designers, Models, Fashion Industry, Cosmetic Industry, Plastic surgeons, Surgeons in General, Photographers, Graphic Artists, Composers, Orators, Compeers, and Broadcasters.
Vaastu /Fengshul Experts, All Professions involving invention and production of all kinds of machinery, Builders of all kinds, Landscapers, Painters, Screenplay writers, Novelists, Production and Set designers, Art Directors, Those associated with Theatre or Theatre groups; Stage Managers, Performers of all kinds, Jazz Musicians, Musicians with an original and out of ordinary approach, and Advertising Industry.

Planetary Ruler For Nakshatra Chitra

Mars is the main planetary ruler of this nakshatra. Mars is the energy required to fashion things the way we want them to. It would suffice to say that Mars is the powerhouse which runs Chitra’s factory. The Martian energy doesn’t express itself in its natural confrontational way through Chitra as it is sublimated by Venus, the Secondary ruler of this asterism. Venus is often regarded as the soul opposite of Mars. This view is only partially correct as Mars & Venus are complimentary to each other more than anything else. Together they are responsible for the reproductive process in nature. This gives us a clue as to where Chitra’s creativity orginates from. Venus refines the raw martian impulses. Chitra can thus be seen as the refinement-meter of the soul. Mars-Venus together promotes sexuality, making Chitra one of the most sexually alluring and active amongst nakshatras.

According to Varahamihira, those with Moon in Chitra are found wearing bright clothes and garlands, with beautiful eyes and bodies.

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