Nakshatra Jyeshta

Nakshatra Jyeshta

Nakshatra Jyeshta 16040’ Scorpio – 30000’ Scorpio is eightinth Nakshatra. The word ‘Jyeshta’ translates simply into the ‘Eldest’ or ‘senior most’. As is the case with some other asterisms, Jyeshta’s name immediately reveals a lot about its nature and functioning. Jyeshta is considered the eldest among the first eighteen nakshatras. At some point of time in ancient history, only eighteen nakshatras were in use and Jyeshta was the final, the senior most or eldest nakshatra. Since then more nakshatras have been added, but the name has stayed. The whole of this Nakshatra falls in Scorpio sign which is ruled by Mars.

Symbol For Nakshatra Jyeshta

Its main symbol is a ‘round talisman’ and an ‘Umbrella’. In all the ancient civilizations and legends, round talisman is seen as a symbol of divine protection. In many cases, one will find that it is also a symbol of an authoritarian position. The basic function of umbrella is to protect one from rain, sun or wind i.e. nature’s forces. In the same way this Nakshatra is supposed to provide protection against the universal forces.

Profession For Nakshatra Jyeshta

All Policing Professions, Government Officials, Administrative Posts of all types,
Reporters, Radio & Television Commentators, Newsreaders, Talk Show Hosts, Actors, Orators,
Firemen, Trade Unionists, Occultists (mainly Black Magicians), Detectives, Mafia, Politicians, Beaurocrats, Naval Professions, Forest Rangers, Military Professions in general, Salvation Army and other such Caring for the Aged professions, Surgeons, Manual Laborers, Athletes, especially Sprinters, Telecommunication Industry related professions, Air Traffic Controllers and Radar Experts.

Planetary Ruler For Nakshatra Jyeshta

Mercury is the main planetary ruler of this nakshatra. Mercurial energy refines itself from its deceptive, cunning, childlike beginnings to a more serious energy, which tries to control the scattered functioning of the mind. Considering that Moon represents the mass mentality, Mercury’s functioning here is directed to controlling that energy. It is no wonder then that Jyeshta natives feel like the police of the world. Mars the ruler of Scorpio supports this policing mentality and provides the energy & initiative required for it.

According to Varahamihira, Moon in Jyeshta gives “an angry disposition, few friends, lustfulness, contentment and a sense of responsibility”.

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