Nakshatra Krittika

Nakshatra Krittika

Nakshatra Krittika 26°40’ Aries- 10°00’ Taurus is the third Nakshatra. The word “Krittika” translates simply into “The One Who Cuts” or “The Cutters”. This simple, direct and straight forward name is very much in keeping with the essential quality of this Nakshatra. “The Cutters” here relates to a feminine aspect rather than a male aspect. This Nakshatra is related to the ‘seven Krittika’ (or the seven wives) of the seven main sages looking after the affairs of our galaxy. Krittika’s one pada falls in Aries sign and three padas are in Taurus sign.

Symbol For Nakshatra Krittika

Its main symbol is an axe, razor or any sharp edged instrument like a blade or knife. This symbolism obviously relates to its name, which implies cutting and penetration. All sharp instruments can be used for both constructive and destructive purposes. A knife, for example, can be used for cutting vegetables or hurting someone. In the same way, Krittika’s penetration can be used for cutting through superficial layers of mental and emotional functionings. A flame of any type is another widely used symbol for Krittika. This relates to its association with Agni, the lord of the fire element.

Peacock is another alternative symbol of this nakshatra. The elaborately ornate feathers of the male peacock relate to the exuberant material nature of the masculine part of this nakshatra. Lord Krishna always wore a peacock feather on top of his head and his early life, under the care of his foster parents, reveals the essence of this nakshatra.

Profession For Nakshatra Kritikka

Lawyers, Judges, Surgeons, Swordsmen, Fencers, Blacksmiths, People who make swords, knives and other sharp instruments are Krittika person. Professions include fire like fire dancers or fire sacrifices, professional dart players or archers; Creative Arts involving the use of fire based processes, Jewelers and Glassmakers. Critics, Managers, Generals, People in authoritative positions and all Military Professions, Police, Fire Fighters, Explosive Experts.

Professions connected to Rehabilitation of Addicts of all kinds whether it is related to drug addiction, smoking, alcoholism, weight problems. Professions involved in promoting methods & techniques for Self-Improvement or Self Assertiveness.
Barbers & Hairdressers, Tailors, work involving use of needles like Embroiderers or Vaccinators, Gold diggers & Miners and Cooks of all varieties. Those who make clay objects like bricks for building houses or ceramic objects, Furnace makers and those who make Cooking Utensils or Trade tools .

Planetary Ruler For Nakshatra Krittikai

The Sun is the main ruler of this nakshatra, giving it a lot of energy, independence and power. Sun’s ruler ship indicates the penetrating insight, ambition and self motivation which characterize Krittika. Just like the Sun, Krittika goes on about its Objectives in a straight and relentless fashion. The first pada is co-ruled by Mars. The combined energies of the two military planets make it harsh in its approach and functioning. It can ruthlessly conquer any obstacles or enemies that come in its path.

The rest of the padas are co-ruled by Venus. Sun and Venus are natural enemies and thus the Taurus part of Krittika has more to do with harmonizing It helps to understand that in Krittika the solar energy is stronger in comparison to Venusians energy and this is the reason why Moon gets exalted here. Sun and Venus are both creative planets which strive for knowledge and forms the core of Krittika’s functioning.

According to Varahamihira, Moon in Krittika gives one “a bright appearance, fondness for other’s spouses, extreme appetite and widespread fame”.

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