Nakshatra Ashlesha

Nakshatra Ashlesha

Nakshatra Ashlesha 16°40’ Cancer- 30°00 Cancer is the ninth Nakshatra. ‘Ashlesha’ is a term normally associated with serpent’s imagery and can be translated as coiling, clinging, embracing or “entwining. All these terms directly define its nature and functioning. The name is probably derived from the serpent’s king/god “Shesha”. Ashlesha Nakshatra falls in Cancer sign.

Symbol For Nakshatra Ashlesha

A ‘coiled snake’ is the main symbol of this asterism. Along with its name, this symbol makes it clear that the essence of Ashlesha lies in the serpent imagery, an imagery which can be found in every surviving ancient civilization.

Profession For Nakshatra Ashlesha

All professions dealing with Poisons, Petroleum Industry, Chemical Engineers, Cigarette Industry, Legal and Illegal Drug Dealers; Drug Pushers; All Self Serving professions like present day Politicians; Behind the Scenes Manipulators; Psychologists; Con Artists; Thieves; Swindlers; Pornography Industry; Prostitutes.
Professions involving with Reptiles, Snake Charmers Allopathic Doctors & Surgeons, Pet Snake & Pet Cat Owners, Poachers, Secret Service Agents, Spies, and Lawyers.

Baseball Players, Physical Yoga Teachers, Tantric, Hypnotists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Spirit Mediums, Charlatan Channelizes/Psychics etc, False Gurus and Cult Leaders.

Planetary Ruler For Nakshatra Ashlesha

Moon and Mercury are the two planets connected with this nakshatra, Mostly the negative Mercurial traits like evasiveness, deception and deviousness get highlighted in this Nakshatra. Ashlesha uses Mercury’s alacrity, perceptiveness and calculating ability, more often than not, to further its own selfish ends. This is obviously the case in the present day and age, but the actual functioning of Mercury here is to control the mind (represented by the Moon).

According to Varahamihira, those born with Moon in Ashlesha are false, wicked, ungrateful, crafty and gluttonous, eating everything in sight.

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