Nakshatra Ardra

Nakshatra Ardra

Nakshatra Ardra 6°40’ Gemini- 20°00 Gemini is the sixth Nakshatra and The word ‘Ardra’ can have many varied English translations like “green”, “fresh”, “The moist one”, Its not hard to notice that all these translations are connected and carry a feeling of renewal. For example, the word “moist” may refer to the moisture in the air which forms the clouds, which in the turn cause rain. The rain in turn brings life to the earthly vegetation and makes them “fresh” and “green”. The entire Ardra Nakshatra falls in Gemini sign.

Symbol For Nakshatra Ardra

Its main symbol is a diamond, even though many scholars see a Teardrop as its primary symbol. As the name of this nakshatra relates to moisture and wetness, the symbolism of the tear drop associates it with all kinds of sorrow. The tear drop symbolism also relates to water in all its droplet forms, like the early morning dew drops on the leaves or the thousands of drops left around after the rain has come and gone. These dew drops, as we can see, symbolize freshness and renewal. Even tear drops are part of a cleansing process and relate more to the dispersal of sorrow rather than the actual production of it. This cathartic process is similar to that of a baby, which can cry one minute and be smiling the next as if nothing happened.

Profession For Nakshatra Ardra

Electrical Engineers and Electricians, Electronic & Computer Industry, Computer Software Developers, Sound Engineers & Technicians, Musicians, especially those involved in Electronic Music.

Linguistics especially English Language Experts, Profound Thinkers & Philosophers, Writers & Novelists, especially of the science fiction genre, Photographers, Special Effects people in the Film Industry, Computer Game Designers & Sci Fi Buffs, 3D & Virtual Reality Experts. Those involved in mental sports like Chess, Scrabble, and Bridge etc.

Physicists, Mathematicians & Researchers, Scientists, Surgeons, Homeopaths, Allopathic doctors, those working in Nuclear Power Plants, Eye & brain Specialists & Surgeons, Psychoanalysts & Psychotherapists, Those specializing in healing or curing Brain & Head disorders.
Food Processing Places which produce canned, frozen & junk food; Thieves; Legal & Illegal Drug Dealers, Sales people adept at lying and double talk, Biotechnologists, Chemotherapists, Politicians & Manipulators.
Morticians, Chemical & Fertilizer industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Professions involving handling poisons of any type, Investigators, Detectives & Mystery Solvers, Analysts of all types, Lighting experts, and X ray Specialists.

Planetary Ruler For Nakshatra Ardra

Even though Rahu is the main planetary ruler of Ardra but it has combination of the energies of Mercury and Rahu. Both are intellectual planets dealing with the duality of life and nature. Rahu’s Mercurial side is relayed through this nakshatra. This heightens the intellectual and thinking capacity of Ardra natives, and involvement in activities which emphasize communication, thinking or use of the hands. It ensures abundant mental and nervous energy and mercurial qualities like wit, versatility, quickness of thought and communication ability. Just like a diamond, Ardra’s intellectualism is usually piercing and multifaceted.

According to Varahamihira, Moon’s placement in Ardra makes one “ungrateful, wicked, violent and proud”.

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