Nakshatra Hasta

Nakshatra Hasta

Nakshatra Hasta (10° 00’ Virgo- 23° 20’ Virgo) is the thirteenth Nakshatra and the word ‘Hasta’s main translation is “the hand”. Its alternative translation is ‘Laughter’. Its alternative names ‘Bhanu’ and ‘Ark’ translate into Sun and Sun rays respectively. These seemingly general and inconsequential names convey a major part of this asterism’s nature, activities and approach.

Symbol For Nakshatra Hasta

Hasta has three main symbols. One symbol is “a hand with all five fingers spread-eagled”. Through this symbol, the ancient seers are trying to emphasize Hasta’s relation with fate. One can see all the lines in the palm as we know, relate to our destiny in the present life. Hasta is closely connected to the art of palmistry and by extrapolation, Astrology. The hand also simply relates to all activities done with the use of the hands. In ancient times the outstretched hand was a symbol of the Sun, with the fingers representing its rays. The relationship of this nakshatra with the Sun is established through its ruling deity.

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Professions For Nakshatra Hasta

Artisans, Manual Laborers, All professions requiring dexterity of hand, Mechanics, Jewelry makers, Origami experts are Hasta person.
Acrobats, Gymnasts and circus performers, writers of Fairy Tales, Stage Magicians, and Swindlers, Professional Comedians, Satirical Novelists, Radio & Television Commentators, Speech Therapists, Newsreaders, Martial Artists, Writers, Inventors in general, Publishing & Printing Industry.
Hasta person are Pickpockets, Stock markets, Casino dealers, Toy Makers, Carpenters, Professional Gamblers, and Bookies too.

Clerks, Bankers, Accountants, Typists, Cleaners, Housekeepers, Servants, Masseurs, Doctors, Physiotherapists, chemical & Toiletry Industry, Textile Industry, Tarot decorators, Gardeners, Farmers & Agriculturalists,
All professions connected with Food Production, Processing and Distribution Industry.
Barbers, Hairdressers & Stylists, Sculptors, Masons, Those connected with Amusement Parks, Sales Persons in all fields, Forgers, Thieves, Robbers dealing with opening safes.

Planetary Ruler For Nakshatra Hasta

The main planetary influences affecting this nakshatra are Moon and Mercury. Moon is the main ruling planet of Hasta Moon imparts emotions, care and sensitivity to this nakshatra. It is this lunar influence which makes Hasta a doyen of home and family life. When working through its lower functioning, all the negative aspects of lunar energy like ultra conservatism, bigotry, fickleness, excessive attachment and inability to let go takes centre stage. However unlike Cancer, the lunar nature here is under supervision of Mercury, the planet of discrimination. Mercury’s influence makes Hasta jovial and lighthearted thus saving it from the type of depression people with prominent Cancer placements go through.

According to Varahamihira, “Moon in Hasta makes one energetic, daring, merciless, a drunkard and a thief”.

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