Nakshatra Punarvasu

Nakshatra Punarvasu

Nakshatra Punarvasu 20°00 Gemini- 3°20’ Cancer is seventh Nakshatra and The word ‘Punarvasu’ is derived from Puna+ Vasu, which means return, or renewal, GoodAgain, Wealthy Again or the Visible Infinity. The Vasus are demigods carrying all the desirable qualities like goodness; strength, prosperity etc. The fact that the term “Punarvasu” literally translates into “Becoming Vasu Again”, reveals its first two meanings. We also get an impression of some positive transformation from darkness into light. This duality and interplay between the opposites is the essence of Punarvasu. Its “visible infinity” meaning is more profound and relates to its ruling deity. Three padas of this asterism fall in Gemini and one pada falls in Cancer sign.

Symbol For Nakshatra Punarvasu

The most accepted symbol of Punarvasu is a ‘quiver full of arrows’. Sometimes one single arrow is taken as its symbol, but in both cases the arrow symbolism dominates the discussion of this nakshatra.

Profession For Nakshatra Punarvasu

Fairy Tale Writers, Writers dealing with Astrology & other Esoteric Subjects, and Visionaries. All professions related to Travel & Tourism; Trades & Sales people of all types; and Recycling Experts.

Nakshatra Shatabhisha

Profession related to Hotel & Restaurant Industry; Transport Industry; House Construction Companies, Civil Engineers and Architects. Teachers in Schools, Colleges & Universities; Psychologists; Philosophers; Priests, Monks & Gurus; Preachers involved with self-enhancement techniques.
Importers & Exporters; Historians; Antique Dealers; Farmers; Cattle & Sheep Farmers; All professions requiring an innovative approach;
communications jobs; Radio & Telephone Industry; Courier Companies; Postal Service, Newspaper Industry; Mail Order & Home Delivery Business; Landlords; Keepers of Temples, Churches and other Religious Buildings; Home Maintenance Services.

Work related to Archery & Target Shooting, All sports involving use of hands; Patriots; Aviators; Astronauts & All Space/ Satellite Professions.

Planetary Ruler For Nakshatra Punarvasu

The Sun is the main ruler of this nakshatra, giving it a lot of energy, independence and power. Sun’s ruler ship indicates the penetrating insight, pride, ambition and self motivation which characterize Krittika. Just like the Sun, Krittika goes on about its Objectives in a straight and relentless fashion. The first pada is co-ruled by Mars. The combined energies of the two military planets make it harsh in its approach and functioning. It can ruthlessly conquer any obstacles or enemies that come in its path.

According to Varahamihira, Moon’s placement in Punarvasu makes one “easily contented, self controlled, slow-witted, fortunate and of good character”. Lord Rama has his Moon placed in Punarvasu and all of the above-mentioned attributes fit him perfectly.

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