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Aquarius Aquarius Love Compatibility

Two Aquarians make a superbly oblique and delightful partnership. You admire and like each other, being particularly fond of each other’s sense of humour.

Each of you is involved in a wide variety of projects and friendships and you can easily share each other’s interests. This partnership is sexually uninhibited – that’s if you can both actually remember that sex is on the agenda! Sex is an important part of a healthy relationship, but since you both tend to be rather experimental and detached about matters of the emotions, you can get a bit clinical about such things. However, the two of you can be great friends and, in many ways, a friendship with sex marks your ideal relationship. Being idealistic and enthusiastic about life, the two of you can break new ground, both in intellectual and sexual wizardry. As a couple, the two of you can form a real mutual admiration society.

Unconventional Aquarius is ruled by a strange mixture of responsible Saturn and devil-may-care Uranus. Emotional intimacy may take a while to develop, but then, that’s not really what either of you are really about, is it? With so many outside activities going, you are likely to be apart as much as you are together and that’s fine with both of you, for jealousy is not one of your vices. It’s hard to find anything to quarrel about, since you agree about just about everything. Both of you are much more rational than emotional, so can look down the path and see a structured future together, complete with interesting side-tracks and lengthy pauses at interesting lakes of external stimulation.

Each of you loves to be independent, but there aren’t many conflicts between you, because you both understand this about each other. Your love won’t be as deep as a well, but it will draw water. Just remember, as long as you can communicate your happiness about the relationship, you will not stumble over any bumps in the road. Inventive, progressive, attracted to the new and unusual, you are sexually suited and share wide-ranging interests.