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Taurus Health Weekly Horoscope 01 March – 07 March 2021

Mars will be entering the sign of Gemini and it will impact the facial organs.
It will aspect the 8th house of sexual organs and emotional stress. Your sexual organs and private organs are more prone to bacterial attacks during these days. Mars is fire energy and you have to keep these organs cool but not too dry. Your emotional sector is also activated, so stay away from all the scandals. Dental and eye-related health are also important as the fiery energy will impact these organs. Mercury is triggering the upper abdomen through an aspect. So, you have to take care of your diet as well. The pregnant woman has to take care of their health and medication. Minor issues related to leg-like muscle cramps are also possible during this week.

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Taurus Health Weekly Horoscope 14 December – 20 December, 2020

The solar eclipse will trigger your private organs and emotional self. You will have a lot of emotional issues during this week and that can reflect as minor physical issues. The Sun and Moon combination can give you concerns regarding your relationships as well. This is an ideal week to practice meditation and prayer too. This Mercury will aspect your facial organs and you can have concerns regarding your vision. Dental hygiene also is very important during this phase. You will have to take a freshly cooked meal; otherwise, it can bring some issues. You will have to get enough sleep as well. Try to have a clear plan for your daily work.

Taurus Health Weekly Horoscope 07 – 13 December, 2020

Venus will impact the reproductive organs and pineal gland. The lower abdominal area will get triggered and that will make you sexually active. This is not a great week to feel free about your sexual unions. This is the right time to meditate and pray as the pineal gland is activated. Your kidneys also are active, so you need to have a lot of water. However, Mars is triggering your subconscious mind and that will surely bring emotional issues. Try to keep a low profile and that will save your time, energy, and health.

You will have emotional issues due to the impact of Mars and you have to stay away from any kind of scandal. 
Your excretory organs need more care and cleanliness. 

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Taurus Health Weekly Horoscope 16 November, 2020 – 22 November, 2020

The Sun will trigger the sector for sexual organs and emotional stress. This will trigger the sector for face, eyes, nose, tongue, teeth, ears, fingers, and nails. You need to give special care to the excretory organs as there are chances for a bacterial attack. You may even get emotional issues during this week. It will not be an ideal time to experiment with your happiness. Your sexual organs are also active. This is also a good time to check your vision as well as dental health. You need to wash your eyes with cold water. The concerns regarding health and relationships are visible. Try to be very just in the relationships, so that you can have a peaceful sleep

Taurus Health Weekly Horoscope 09 November, 2020 – 15 November, 2020

The Sun and Mercury will trigger the seventh house of sexual organs and lower hip area. This will trigger these organs in a very intense way. Menstrual issues are possible, but that will be part of the transit. It will be good if you take precautions during this week in case of sexual relations. During this week, your kidneys are also active and you need to have a lot of water. Regular exercise will help the kidneys to be healthier. Try to avoid smoking and drinking especially during this week. Both the planets are activating the personal life as well. Your excretory organs are also active with Venusian influence. There are chances for bacterial attacks, so you have to keep your excretory organs clean.