Taurus Tarot June 2022, Taurus Tarot Monthly Reading

Truthstar Taurus Tarot Monthly Reading predicts what tarot cards hold of Taurus for your Tarot monthly horoscope in this month. Truthstar provides Free Tarot Monthly Horoscope for Taurus Prediction By our Tarot expert Sanjana Mittal .
Taurus Tarot Monthly Reading

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Free Taurus Tarot June 2022

Taurus Tarot June 2022 – Romance and Relationship

Card of the Month – The Chariot

For many of you it will be during travel that you renew a connection from the past. Even if there’s no journey involved our Taureans will experience the regeneration of a past involvement. A new relationship, under different and better circumstances, will blossom anew. Even though it will involve something of a juggling act in the short term, this relationship will hold.

Taurus Tarot June 2022 – Career

Card of the Month – The World

Well, this card is always a hopeful sign and recently you’ve undergone some Career associated events that leave you needing some hope. You’re about to have new worlds of Career possibility open to you. It’s a matter of one door having closed allows another to open. Make sure that you get solid legal contracts drawn if you undertake a partnership of any sort.

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Taurus Tarot June 2022 – Finance

Card of the Month – King of Wands

There’s money in the background, Taurus, and you’re happily working away for more. Your current labours will prove very satisfactorily fruitful. There will be a period of dissatisfaction in the future where you’ll have to fight for your financial rights, but even when those events arise you can be sure that you’ll be celebrating a victory.

Taurus Tarot June 2022 – Focus of Soul or Being

Card of the Month – Eight of Cups

You’re going to walk away from old, long-held beliefs and understandings about matters spiritual and metaphysical. Your most fundamental connection with such matters, your personal and deep understandings, go with you but dogma no longer works for you. You’ll be a happier person as you take on these new understandings.

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