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Taurus Monthly Horoscope April 2021

Taurus General prediction April 2021

Natives of Taurus are very hard working and very ambitious. They want to achieve too many things in their life, and will do hard work for achieving these things. Month of April will be very special for you. In the second half the month you may get a chance to go on a foreign trip. If you are willing to go to foreign then you should make efforts in this direction, and you will be able to get VISA from foreign country.

In the month of April you have to take care of your health, because there is a possibility of having health issues in this month, and this will affect your job also. From the point of view of finance, this month will be very encouraging for you. There is a possibility that you may get money from more than one sources, and this will make you financially strong.

Taurus Profession April 2021

Month of April will have mixed results for you in respect of your carrier. Saturn (which governs tenth house) will be in ninth house, and this indicates that you have to do very hard work at your workplace, and this hard work will give success to you in near future. After 6th April Jupiter will move to tenth house, this will improve your experience and expertise. There may a major change in your job. There is a possibility of change in service.

If you are a businessman then there is a chance that your business will not be very good in the starting of the month. There is a possibility of disagreement between you and your business partner. Presence of both the planets Rahu and Mars in your sun sign may cause a change in your behavior. After 14th April condition will be improved and your business will flourish.

Taurus Finance April 2021

Finance point of view, this month will be very good for you. Presence of three planets in the eleventh house and these have the effect of Saturn also. This position of planets is favorable for having income from more than one sources. Although after 10th April, Venus will move to twelfth house and this will increase your expenses.

On 14th April Sun and on 16th April Mercury will move to twelfth house and this will reduce your income and increase your expenses. On 14th April movement of Mars to second house and Jupiter also looking to second house, will cause some increase in your bank balance. But you have to be careful to control your expenses, so that you may be in good financial condition. In all, this month is having ups and downs in your financial condition.

Taurus Health April 2021

Considering the health point of view, Ketu is in seventh house and Mars is also looking to it, this condition indicates that there may be some health issues, troubling you in this month. You may experience mental tension and you may be some what irritated. This may cause some hindrance in your work.

Movement of Mars to the second house may give some relief to you after 14th April. Saturn and Jupiter will be in ninth house up to 6th April and after that Jupiter will move to tenth house. This time will be very good for your health, and you should think about some new things to improve your health, such as yoga, or doing regular exercises, or daily walking or jogging. All these activities will help you to improve your health, and you will be fit and healthy.

Taurus Love and marriage April 2021

For love matters, starting of the month is very good. Venus is looking to fifth house, along with Mercury and Sun, and Jupiter is looking towards ninth house, all these conditions make a very good and favorable for your love life. After 10th April movement of Venus will cause some lack of love in your relation but having good communication with your partner will improve your bond and relation.

Married natives of Taurus, may face some challenges in their married life. You will not be able to understand the behavior of your life partner and there may be lack of confidence also. You may have doubts on your partner, and this thinking will cause confusions and tensions in your married life. To avoid this condition, you should talk to your partner and clarify the matters. This will improve your understanding between you and your life partner, and your married life will be easy and smooth.

Taurus Family April 2021

In the starting of the month, planet, which governs second house will be in eleventh house, and Sun and Venus will be with those planets, this condition indicates that your family life will be smooth running and there will be peace in the house. Bonding and love between family members will become strong.

After 6th April, Jupiter will look towards second and fourth house, due to this, you will get rid of all the family problems, and will have a healthy atmosphere in the family. If any of the family members is facing some health issues, these issues will also be resolved and cured. There will be very good coordination between the family members. Your siblings may face some mental tensions, you are advised to talk to them and try to resolve the issues. You may get cooperation from your elder brothers or sisters, and this will be beneficial for you. In all, a good atmosphere will be there in your family.

Taurus Remedies April 2021

Donating wheat, jaggery and gram on Tuesday will be beneficial.

Feed to the street dogs.

Reading of Vishnu Sahastranam daily will be beneficial. This will help to solve many problems.

Plant a pomegranate tree in a garden or donate red pomegranate on Tuesday.

Offer Doorva to Lord Ganesha and pray to him to remove all the hurdles of the life.

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