Pisces Horoscope Monthly, Pisces Horoscope March 2021

Most Accurate free Pisces Horoscope Monthly March 2021. Pisces monthly horoscope provides insight into your complete month. Truthstar Monthly Horoscope on Pisces written by Rob Tillett.

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Pisces Monthly Horoscope March 2021

Pisces General prediction March 2021

This sun sign is governed by Jupiter. Natives of Pisces are mentally very strong, and they are kind and sympathetic. They are not practical but they are sensitive. These people are multitalented. They are able to differentiate between dream and reality, and this makes them very sensitive. They have huge amount of energy. When they are in trouble, they do not fear but can come out of it bravely. Natives of Pisces are romantic and sentimental, they normally live a relaxed life. They don’t have ins and outs, they appear same from inside and outside. This month will give different results for different fields. There is a possibility of change in job or profile for the natives of Pisces. For students, this time is favorable. This time is very good for you from the health point of view. In love matters there may be some ups and downs.

Pisces Job and Career March 2021

Carrier point of view, this month is appropriate for the natives of Pisces. Jupiter (which governs tenth house) will be with Saturn in eleventh house, this shows that whatever effort you do, you will get a good return to it. Although this return will come with heavy expenses also. For those, who are dealing with foreign customers, this month will be very prosperous, this is due to the efforts done in past. Planet which governs sixth house will be with Venus (which governs eighth house) up to the 15th March, if you are interested to change your profile or job you can do so, in this duration. You may get opportunities to work in foreign countries, therefore you should apply for it. In the second half of the month, there is a possibility of some arguments at the workplace, you have to be careful, because this may be harmful for your job.

Pisces Finance March 2021

There may be some ups and downs, for the natives of Pisces, from the finance point of view. Planet which governs eleventh house will be with Jupiter (which governs first house) in eleventh house itself, which shows that you may have very good income from your business. For those natives, who are related to family business, this month is very beneficial. Mars will be on the axis of Rahu and Ketu, in this month, which may bring some unexpected expenses. You are advised, not to invest on immovable properties. You will be able to earn money from multiple sources, although you may have to face some loss in your business or at your workplace or in personal property. Apart from this, you are advised to be careful during the travel in this month, because there is possibility of theft during travel.

Pisces Health March 2021

Natives of Pisces, will not have any major health issue in this month. If you are not already suffering from any major disease, then there will not be any health problem in this duration. Planet which governs first house will be with Saturn in eleventh house, this indicates that although you will not face any health issue but you will feel tired and as if your energy is drained out. There may be indigestion and gastric problems which can be cured at home by some ayurvedic medicines. You should include some spices and herbs in your diet to regulate your digestion problems. Some exercises will also be beneficial. To keep yourself fit you can start doing yoga or dance also and avoid eating sweets or thing which use sugar in it. All these precautions will keep you fit and healthy.

Pisces Love and marriage March 2021

Natives of Pisces may experience some stagnancy in their love life. Your relation will go through some tensions and this may even cause you to think about separation, but when you will think about your good past, you will not go for it. You are advised not to take any decision so hastily and try to manage the things peacefully, otherwise you may break your relation. Those, who are married couples will enjoy their relation, and in the starting of the month their love will reach to higher level. Mercury (which governs seventh house) will be with Sun (governs sixth house), and Venus (governs eighth house) in twelfth house, and this may bring some problems to your married life. You may have lack of understanding and difference of opinion. There may be temporary separation between you and your partner. You will try to patch up the things and you will get success in it by the month end and you may plan a trip with your partner.

Pisces Family March 2021

Talking in terms of family life, natives of Pisces are not going to have very good family life this month. Planet which governs second house, will be with Rahu in third house, this indicates that you may have difference of opinion with your siblings. You may face some problems in your relation with your mother. Although you will try very hard to bring the things back to normal, but you may not be successful. Saturn and Jupiter will be with Mercury, this may bring loneliness to you, because you will try to please them but you will be mistaken. You may have some misunderstanding with your dear friend. Starting of the month will not be good for you, because you may feel aloof. But this time is good for self-assessment, and spiritual healing, this will help you to overcome the problems and you will be able to come out of it.

Pisces Remedies March 2021

Reading of Guru mantra daily for 108 times will be beneficial.
Have fasting on Thursdays.
Wear yellow clothe on Thursday.
Apply saffron and sandal teeka on forehead.
Do prayer in front of banana tree and donate banana.
Have respect for elders and teachers.

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