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Most Accurate free Pisces Horoscope Monthly October 2021. Pisces monthly horoscope provides insight into your complete month. Truthstar Monthly Horoscope on Pisces written by Rob Tillett.

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Pisces Monthly Horoscope October 2021

Pisces General prediction October 2021

For people of Pisces moon sign this month of October 2021 will be a mixed one. Your financial condition will be a nice one during this month. For job doing people, business and other professionals’ increment in their income will be seen. You will get benefits in your work and business. From career point of view the first part of this month will give good results on the other hand the second part will have some troubles. During this time you will need to be a bit careful. Even after facing some small obstacles in your education your studies will go on well. You are having chances to get success in competitive exams. Just keep on your enthusiasm. During this month your family surroundings will be tensed one.

Pisces Profession October 2021

From career point of view this month of October will bring joys and sorrows. The first part of this month will be a happy one. On the other hand some troubles might come during the second part of this month. You might get some good news during the first part of this month. Due to your bosses getting pleased with your work you might get a promotion. But the second part of this month will not be a good one for you. Your opponents might try to harm you thus you need to be alert. Those people who are in any profession, for them the beginning of this month will be a good one.

Pisces Finance October 2021

It has been said that when you have money in your hands then you will cross all troubles. This month is coming with this kind of message for you. This month of October is very good for you from money and finance point of view. During this month the condition of getting money will be very much good. Jupiter and Saturn are placed in the 11th house of your horoscope. This combination indicates getting a good income. You might get income from many sources. You will get nice benefits in your business. If you are in any job then you will get additional sources of income.

Pisces Health October 2021

From health point of view this month of October needs Pisces moon sign people to be careful. If you are not careful then troubles might come to you. Sun and Mars are placed in the 7th house of your horoscope. Besides this planet Mercury will enter the 10th house on 2nd October in reverse transit. The combination of all these planets might increase the chances of having skin related disease. You might have skin related trouble and if you are already having such troubles then it might increase more. For this reason if you have any skin related troubles then do not ignore it. Consult a doctor immediately.

Pisces Love and Marriage October 2021

For love affairs this month of October is going to give mixed results. It means that sometimes you will love and sometimes you will have arguments with your partner. Yet these things very often happen in love affairs. In your horoscope Jupiter and Saturn are seeing the 5th house. The combination of these two planets will increase truthfulness in your love relation. Mutual trust will increase among love couples. Your relation will get much deeper. This time is good for love couples. But this time cannot be said to be good for married people. They have to step forward very carefully. During this month Sun and Mars are in the 7th house of your horoscope. Thus your life partner might have an aggressive nature due to this.

Pisces Family October 2021

During this month of October the family life of Pisces moon sign people will be full of ups and downs. Due to this disputes might arise many times. There might be tension in your family. Mercury the lord of 4th house is placed in the 8th house of your horoscope. Due to this reason you will have differences in your opinion with your family members. As a result the relations with your family members will become a bitter one. On 2nd October Mercury will enter the 7th house due to which your family life will improve. Yet even then these conditions might not be under your full control.

Pisces Solutions October 2021

1) You should wear a Yellow Sapphire in a golden ring on Thursday.
2) Reciting the protective hym of Lord Ram will be beneficial for you.
3) Offer yellow flowers and yellow sandal wood to Lord Vishnu.
4) Offer green grass to Shri Maha Ganesha on Wednesday.
5) Go to Hanuman temple and mark a tilak on your forehead from his right leg.

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