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Truthstar Pisces Tarot Weekly Reading predicts what the stars hold for Pisces this week. Free Tarot Weekly Horoscope Prediction for Pisces.

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Pisces Tarot Weekly Card Readings 30 November 2020 – 06 December 2020


This will be a tough time for you with respect to health. You may have to face a period of illness. Panicking at this time will make things worse. After every crisis there is a promise of good time. However, it depends on what you do about it. Don’t let your health problems lead to a decline in your spiritual growth. Be very positive about it and reach out to others for help. Be it a friend or a medical practitioner. Doing meditation will be a great booster. So change your situation for good.


At this point in your career, things may not be looking that great. It may be you are close to completing a project or task, but are faced with yet another challenge or task at your workplace. Know that you have the inner resources to overcome any difficulty. It may seem like you are at the end of your fighting powers but you have the necessary skill and determination to tackle anything. You need to be resilient and not be daunted by others pulling you down. Don’t worry, you will sail through.

Love & Relationships

You will find yourself in conflict with others. This might lead to tension and worry. Those who have been considering whether or not to stay in a relationship will be influenced by opinion of others around them. You need to understand that open communication with your partner can help resolve all the differences. The inner conflict that you are going through will also come to end. So listen to your own heart and don’t pay much attention to what others say or do.

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Pisces Tarot Weekly Card Readings 23 November 2020 – 29 November 2020

21 November – 27 November 2016

Health –

You feel spiritual, religious and would get immense benefits working in group. Seeking advice to your Guru in concern of health is on the card. Rituals, pilgrimage and worshipping your deity is helpful to you now. If you have health challenges, discipline, order, and commitment are the way to go about it. You feel more comfortable with traditional therapy for healing yourself than consulting to doctor.

Career / Profession –

. Direct your energy into a job where quite a bit of planning has already been done. Focus on your strengths!!! There will be new opportunities coming on the way making you hopeful and vibrant person. Luck is on your side. Your public relations skill will be put to good use. Doctors and engineers will have good week. Those who enjoy music and dance have a great week to look forward. This is the time to check your finances too.

Love & Relationship –

If you are currently committed, you will move to the next level; living together, engagement, marriage, childbirth, all are indicated. For a time, you are likely to have a peaceful, happy period in your love life. Enjoy it, and make sure your beloved knows how much they mean to you. If you’re not in a relationship, a new love may come into your life so fast it makes you surprise. An affectionate response to anyone you love or whose friendship you respect will help to keep the person and lead a better understanding.