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Truthstar Aquarius Tarot Weekly Reading predicts what the tarot cards hold for Aquarius in this week. Free Tarot Weekly Horoscope Prediction for Aquarius.

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Aquarius Tarot Weekly Card Readings 19 March – 25 March, 2018

Health – There is significantly more action associated and a true commitment and energy to make sure those ideas are put into action. Your courage is incredibly strong. You simply charge forth with your ideas and visions to make things happen. Your confidence levels will rapidly increase and you will feel ready to take on the world with your vision.

Career – This is a good week to make your dreams realize. You are hard working, generous and have potential to win the favor of your boss. Great opportunities, projects and assignments will make your week enterprising. You are going to get a great deal accomplished successfully in a short period of time. A female will be instrumental in helping you find employment. All in all, things will be looking up professionally.

Love & Relationship – Existing relationships broaden and deepen, giving an extended sense of contentment and satisfaction. This is a good week for strengthening commitment, marriage, and recovery after trial. You may feel nostalgic as week has a promise to meet some old associate/friend or love. You may buy an expensive gift for your loved one.

Aquarius Tarot Weekly Card Readings 12 March – 18 March, 2018


There is a need to pay very close attention to your emotions. How are you feeling about things and people in your life? Journalizing or talking things out with someone you trust is very important now and can lead to a healthier outcome to health breakthroughs. Positive thinking and balanced behavior is very important now. Eating right, sleeping enough, getting enough exercise, and drinking enough fluids are all that you need.

Career / Profession

Your self discipline, maturity, learning experience will give you a long way in your career. People will admire you and acknowledge your potentials. Your name could be recommended for the higher post. You are in the good list of your seniors. Those are in business will find financial security. There will be good gains; new source of income could be generated. Some of you may head the meeting, seminars and leave your mark.

Love & Relationship

You feel happy as reunion with a lost y happen in this week. If you are single, the most likely interpretation is that you will meet a likely loving soon – someone who really “fits the bill” of the person you are looking for, and that this person will be a new love, not someone you used to be with. There may be celebration of child birth, marriage or get together in the family. This is the time to celebrate, share your experiences and enjoy the union with loved one.

Predicted By : Vedic Astrologer Sanjana Mittal

Aquarius Tarot Weekly Card Readings 05 March – 11 March, 2018

Health- You display a tremendous ability to socialize, to move. You are full of positive energy, but health has to be guarded. You have to be little slow in your pace in anger, aggression and outspokenness. You are not at peace, something under the surface is frothing and it is disturbing you enormously. Check your BP; try to get away a quiet corner. This is the time to pass the time in isolation and remain calm.

Career- You will be keen to make quick money so that you have liquid cash at hand. You have great mental strength, stamina and wisdom to deal with all that is thrown at you. You have to address conflicts with your boss, co-workers, subordinates and even extended family. But you manage to cope. Your convincing ability and charismatic personality will help you to have an edge over your opponents.

Love & Relationship- There is love in the air, Venus the love God is bestowing all blessings. You will have happy moments in the family. There are relationships, marriages, engagements and family get together. This is the time when you are admired by your friends and loved ones. You find the right partner, real soul mate in your life. At many levels it is a frantic period as you find emotional contentment and strengthen the bonds and ties to family matters.

Aquarius Tarot Weekly Card Readings 26 February – 04 March, 2018

Health – Hi, Aquarius!!! A great week is waiting for you ahead, when you can display your skills, realize your dreams and achieve big. Your creative pursuits will make you happy and keep you active. Health is good, you are the ruler of your instincts, thoughts, emotions and actions. You spend good time in making the best of your potentials.

Career – Versatility is the key word which defines your true personality in this week. You satisfy your creative hunger by honing your hobbies. There is work ahead that needs to be diligently approached now and in the future. The goal is known and is attainable. Now you simply must stop everything, change most of it; reinvent the wheel to support the way you roll and work toward achieving everything you want.

Love & Relationship – You will need to use the strength of your willpower to overcome any obstacles or challenges in your way. You may even find that by leveraging any opposing forces surrounding you at this time you can use them to your advantage. You must be determined, self-disciplined, and hard working. Love is not easy you have to really work hard to win the heart.

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Aquarius Tarot Weekly Card Readings 19 February – 25 February, 2018

Health – You will put your heart and soul into your endeavors, this week is the time to rest for a while and take a look. You feel as if you have come to the end of your fighting powers but you have the skills. your determination and will power is strong which gives you strength and fuel to move ahead. Safe driving is suggested. Stay away from sharp edges items and spend time in introspection.

Career – Good opportunities are on the way; new source of income may be generated. Your efforts may take positive turn in this week. Travel on account of work is on the card which may turn fruitful in the time to come. Good news from overseas is likely. Make thoughtful expenses and save money for the difficult times.

Love & Relationship – Good family atmosphere and support will please you. Some auspicious ceremony at home may be organized. Sense of harmony and balance as well as completion, and thus symbolizes a time of peace and joy in life that come as the result of often difficult and challenging effort. General good fortune, satisfaction, and fulfillment will prevail.