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Monthly Horoscopes

Free Monthly Horoscopes – Which are the favorable occasions and opportunities in this month? How will be your career, love, studies transforming? Get the monthly updates to get a great vision for the future.

Want to know what stars have in store for you this month? Simply click our monthly horoscopes section to find out the predictions for your zodiac sign at free of cost!

The astro predictions by our team of experts can help you identify the favorable occasions and opportunities for the month. Our comprehensive monthly horoscope predictions can help you transform your future –be it your career, studies, love life and relationships, or other great objective established for the times ahead.

Our knowledgeable astrologers use very specific and precise guidelines, including your birth charts, to help you decode the plans for the coming month. This not only can help you stay calm during the testing times of your life but also enables you to take charge of the other aspects of your life such as health, business moves, financial stability, etc. After all, a well-planned beginning of the month can help you steer clear from the negative circumstances and can help you to pace-up during the best of the predicted days.

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Monthly Tarot Reading

Very intuitive, very authentic monthly Tarot Card Reading can give you a Read More


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Astro Monthly provides Astro Monthly Horoscopes Predictions that can help you sail you through the effects of any major transit in the planets. Our astrologers leverage the knowledge of the Vedic astrology to interpret the activities and key happenings of your entire month, so you can plan your actions accordingly. Check out your Zodiac Signs to read out your Astro Monthly Horoscope. Read More

Monthly Tarot Reading: Ever wondered what the coming month holds for your personal and professional life? If you want to get timely answers for questions related to your career, personal wellness, or love life –simply pick 3 cards and get prompt, intuitive, and reliable answers through our Tarot Card Reading. Read More…

Monthly Moon Sign Horoscope: forecasts your monthly predictions based on your Moon Signs. To know about your moon sign, please check with astrologers. Read to know more..

Career Monthly Horoscope: Open-up the doors of fortune by checking out our Career Monthly Horoscope. Our astro readings may help you stay cognizant about the tricky times coming ahead, so that you may attempt to refrain yourself from the wrong career decisions for the month. Read More

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