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November 2016

Rash decisions are to be avoided at all costs. Overcome any impediment that comes your way you have no real reason to worry for the changes will be in your favor. 1st 2nd your confidence will be high. Your prestige and reputation will increase. You find progress in the field of education. You or your child may leave for overseas studies. Entertainment, party, etc will draw your attention and you will spend time in hospitality. Money inflow will improve. There could be a windfall; you may buy a new vehicle. Between 8th & 9th, you have to work very hard at fulfilling many demands on your time and purse. 10th 11th brings comfort zone and your honor and prestige will rise and your achievements will be praised by all. Your views will be taken into consideration and valued. You are now pursuing high end goals. There may be benefits through some female native at this time. Those in sports, computers and electronics fields will feel professional growth, will keep your confidence high and ignite your will power to achieve some incredible. You’ll have plenty of energy and as soon as you get an idea, you’ll immediately put it into practice. You’ll catch up with delays very fast, you’ll start new projects, settle unclear issues, take decisions, order.

You will enjoy music and entertainment, love affairs, and dating etc. You work hard at fulfilling the many demands on your time and your pocket. You have learnt to give work your best shot and to also value and improve your own relationship. Between 18th and 20th property related legal matters may develop complications. People may try to avoid meeting you. You will be busy pursuing high objectives and you will learn balancing act with family times and work needs.

It will be great for teamwork and promises to bring Aquarians new collaborations and contracts. Moreover, you’ll benefit from some help you haven’t hoped for to carry out your plans, most probably from a woman or from your partner. Turn your attention towards establishing a more effective and efficient daily routine. Your superiors will be benevolent to you, opportunities will come from where you least expect them to come, the number of your clients will increase, there will be opportunities to go public or participate in important events, where you can establish nice and useful relationships to your career on 28th 29th. Your status shall enhance and you may be assigned an important duty. You may get good news.

October 2016

1st October – 7th October

The combination will emanate a lot of energy and will allow the achievement of some great, important things. Construction and property dealers will have swell time. Those in IT, and transport fields will beneficial. However period is not good for arts, media and political leaders. They have to face tests, strife, opposition, and great mental agility. The way forward for you is to change your attitude hold your determination and ambitions. In order to achieve outcome patience is the key to success.

You may look forward for better performance now. Students’ focus will remain unwavering on the academic front.

8th October – 14th October

. You may get old due payment through check or draft. 10th 11th 12th is good for business as things will be favorable; things you have been avoiding now need to be handled. You have the opportunity and a lot of issues can be resolved. Relations at work place will be better too. This will be the time to increase your contacts and networking as you are really in tune and deal with others in logical ways and deep empathy. On 13th 14th you may try new experiment, minor lose in business is indicated. However, it doesn’t favour the independent development of Aquarians, but only as part of a team. The others will be the main players, and only at their side you’ll advance, and spread your wings.

A prestigious project may bring out your creative potentials on 13th 14th. Friends & family gather around you to celebrate an event. Students may crack competitive exams by dint of merit and hard work. You remain in high spirit regarding a business deal. This is not the time to indulge in lottery or speculation as you will lose money only.

15th October – 22nd October

Many changes in planetary position promise success in career in this week. You will feel light and playful mood. Some auspicious ceremony will be held at home. You will prove your worth whether in business or profession. Your confidence and morale will be very high; you will manage to impress someone influential by your foresightedness. Technical students will get good results and better opportunities of work if they work methodically on 20th and 21st.

There could be travel abroad. Postpone your journey on 22nd as it may be full of problems and fruitless. Your ego may hamper your promotion have a check on it. A positive attitude heals negative surrounded you at this time.

23rd October – 31st October

The week may start with slow pace creating tension in your mind but as it progresses, you will get happiness from every direction. Some lady friend will help you to brighten your career. You will learn to adjust with the circumstances. You may expect promotion, transfer at desired place and held up arrears in your kitty. Money incoming will increase substantially. Real estate deals may prove fruitful, with clear vision and understanding you will move to your goals.

Short distance journeys will be plenty and quite fruitful too. An official trip turns into leisure trip. However 30th 31st politicians & high officials need to be careful may trap in some scandal, if you try short cut.

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