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Taurus Horoscope Monthly May 2018

Happy Solar Return, dear Bulls!

May is a great time for Bulls as the Sun glows in Taurus, stimulating your 1st house of personality. It is your time to take a bright approach, reviewing your personal needs and prospects in relationships. You will start to feel more energized and motivated, ready to move on with abundant energy. What have you in mind for the next twelve months? Do you want to change your self-image in some way? You will experience greater self-confidence going about your affairs and plans. Enjoy your birthday celebrations, forget about the worries and concerns of late and have a wonderful time.

From the 8th to the 10th, the Sun opposes mighty Jupiter. Although you will be full of self-confidence, try not to overdo it by being too stubborn, or displaying a better-than-thou attitude with your partner. From the 11th to the 13th, you’ll use your energy to open up powers of observation, learning and expanding the mind. Mercury enters your sign on the 13th, so be ready to present new ideas and talk about your future. It’s your personal New Moon on the 15th, just as Uranus enters your sign in the early degrees for a few months, so all in all the month will be about you. Also this month there’ll be issues to contend with on the home front. An older family member may be a problem, but remember to spend time enhancing your career.

The 15th sees the New Moon in Taurus, your personal New Moon. This Lunation will set you on a new course with personal needs, career and setting your priorities. It will see you making changes to the family structure, relationships and long-range intentions. There could be uncertainties about forging ahead, especially for those born earlier in the sign. It is a time of self-development and opening up another chapter in your life. There is still the undercurrent of Saturn imposing restrictions on educational matters, travel, religious leanings and traditional values in some quarters. You will want to break free and present the world with a new you.

On the 21th, the Sun moves into chatty Gemini, your 2nd house of personal earnings, values and possessions. As Venus vacates your 2nd house, the Sun will draw your attention to increasing your earnings, setting priorities with bills, and lowering expenditure over the coming weeks. Analyse your finances for the next twelve months, set up a budget and savings plan to see yourself through difficult times. Your energy flow will be excellent from the 22nd to the 27th, enabling you to pursue career and money matters. Discuss relationship issues and press on with key points with education and travel.

The 29th sees a Full Moon in adventurous Sagittarius, your 8th house of sex, death and taxes. For May, it is often referred to as the Full Flower Moon in the northern hemisphere, as flowers spring forth in abundance. It is also called Mother’s Moon, Milk Moon, Dragon Moon, Panther Moon, Bright Moon, Hare Moon and Corn Planting Moon. This marks a time of increasing fertility, with temperatures warm enough for safely bearing young, marking a near end to late frosts, and establishing plants in bloom. Wesak, also spelt Vesak, is celebrated by Buddhists around the world at this time. It marks the Wesak Festival, celebrating the birth, teachings, enlightenment and passing away of the Lord Gautama Buddha. It is considered the most powerful Moon of the year, when great spiritual progress can be made.

This Full Moon will call for adjustments to your finances, your emotional attitude and ways of communicating your deeper feelings. Mercury swings into Gemini, your 2nd house, also on the 29th, allowing you to probe and discuss money matters, best ways of going forward with debts and obligations. Under review will be shared resources with a partner, business associate, insurances, investments, inheritances, benefits and taxes. Dealings with overseas investments, mortgage, loans, debts, higher education costs, and a concern over a parent are in the frame. Your career may also be under the spot light, finalizing an employment contract, and relocating. Your inclination towards joint property and possessions will be stronger, which could also spark arguments, jealousy and obsessive behavior.

Mercury Enters Taurus
Mercury is still in Aries at the start, focusing your thoughts through your 12th house of secrets, sorrows and subconscious motivations. Thankfully the Cosmic Messenger will be out of a retro shadow phase on the 3rd, helping you release some of those recent fears and allowing you to progress. This may just involve your own thought processes, the health of a partner or caring for someone in hospital. From the 12th to the 14th, with the New Moon approaching, you will be inspired to do something outrageous.

On the 13th, Mercury enters Taurus, stimulating your personality. This is the time to express those thoughts of yours that have been locked away in a vault. You will have plenty to say, mainly about your personal needs and plans. Remember to take a moment to listen to the viewpoint of those around you. Things are starting to take shape and your emotional mood will change as well. The 18th to the 20th is a good time to put sensible strategies into place, mould together ideas and get advice from superiors. From the 22nd to the 23rd, you may well lean on a friend, and broaden your perception of ideals in relationships. Moving swiftly, Mercury sweeps into Gemini on the 29th, your 2nd house, just in time to discuss personal financial options.

Attracting Money
The Goddess Venus, your life-ruler, remains in Gemini at the start, boosting your 2nd house. It’s great to have Venus attracting money for you through various avenues including the arts. Money may come to you unexpectedly, but with it is a warning to play down extravagance on the credit card just in case you regret it later when things are tight. Then on the 19th, beautiful Venus moves into family-orientated Cancer, your 3rd house of communication. You will be in the driver’s seat so to speak, enjoying brief outings, pleasant company with friends, neighbours and siblings. You might decide to opt for a new phone, computer or car, chatter for hours on the internet plus find interesting and fun things to do especially around the 19th to the 21st.

Promote Yourself
Heroic Mars remains in Capricorn, your 9th house of the higher mind, moving away from adverse connections with Saturn and Pluto. With two more weeks to go, there is an air of frustration, arguments and feeling challenged by those around you. The justice system, professional sports arena, travel and transport, studies, publications, or dealings with foreign countries and people could be upsetting. From the 12th to the 20th, arguments and unexpected situations could surface. There is also a chance of being accident prone.

As of the 16th, Mars moves into Aquarius, your 10th house of career and ambitions. You will work harder than ever to set your ambitions into place. Make careful long-range plans and take care of your public image. Take the initiative to promote yourself, but you should curb any impatience if things are not done your way. You’ll want to climb to the top of the ladder, show your leadership potential and take control over others. However, there is the risk of stretching your dynamic drive especially with your employer, authority types and those in your profession.

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