What Your Stars Favour – Service or Business?

Service and business are two main avenues of career and these are miles apart in terms of required qualifications, skills and attitude. This article will help you discover which suits you more.


Few people are determined right from early age to follow a specific avenue of career. Majority decide by assessing current situations of opportunities and resources available. Many get into the wrong avenue and after struggles and failures change course.

There is no substitute for hard work and focus of mind and sincere efforts in any of these career avenues have been observed in large number of cases to deliver favourable results and all round success.

Although, I believe that astrological indications are only strong or weak probabilities, yet these have been observed to point in the direction of least resistance of planetary obstructions. So instead of blindly following these findings you can learn to know in advance and gear up to overcome obstacles.

Indications Favouring Career in Service

• In addition to the house of action viz. the 10th house the 6th house plays important role in service. So this house and its lord should have sufficient strength and auspiciousness.

• Saturn is the main significator for service so it should be in good and favourable position.

• The Sun is of great importance not only in government service but in private service as well. Sun signifies seniors, boss and the governing body of an organisation. For amicable relations with boss estimate the strength and favourability of the natal Sun. []

• Also consider the position of the relevant significators for specific areas of service just for example for defence, police, Electricity departments Mars is prominent significator.

• Strength and auspiciousness of Mercury is important as it signifies intelligence, logic, dealings, tactics and skills and all these play an important role in service.

Indications Favouring Career in Business

• The 2nd, 3rd and 11th houses should be strong for business pursuits. [Prosperity through Business]

• Jupiter and Venus having good links with the 2nd and 11th houses give success

• Mercury should be favourably strong and free of afflictions

• Venus occupying 2nd, 3rd or 11th house give success and prosperity through business

• If planets connected with the 7th house fall in the nakshatras of the significators of 2nd, 10th and 11th houses then profit and success through business is indicated. [Astrology of Success in Business]

• Strong and affliction free Mercury if related to the 7th house gives success in partnership business.

• The strong and favourable Sun placed in the 7th house gives stability in business where as favourable Mercury here gives fast rise, Venus here gives good luck and popularity.

Listen to Your Heart

As I always say all astrological indications are probabilities of various strengths. These are never certainties and thus can be altered by the native by use of will and the power of imagination in addition to work in the desired direction.

So in case you find no relevant indications as described here in this article or anywhere else then do not take it in the negative sense.

Suppose you very very strongly desir e to follow certain career and the desire is deep in your heart but your chart is discouraging regarding success in that area or line then listen to your heart and not to your chart’s indications. [Astrology behind Dhirubhai Ambani’s Success]

In such cases just discover how strong is your determination and power of imagination and if indications in your chart regarding these two are poor then instead of anything else just strengthen these two through astrological remedies and other methods and go ahead to realise your dream. No force in the world can then stop you.

With strength of character, power of imagination and ability to work hard you gain grace of God and become unstoppable!!!

I believe and ‘Vedanta’ supports my views that‘You are the creator of your destiny’

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar