Prosperity through Business

Prosperity through Business – All astrological indications are strong or weak probabilities only. However presence of certain positive indications in a birth chart can add to the confidence of a person persevering to flourish through business.

When analysing a birth chart for success and prosperity through business, assess the health of Venus and Jupiter. These two planets are essential for any worthwhile fructification of efforts in earning wealth and comforts through business pursuits.

Prosperity through Business

If in a birth chart strong Venus is placed in the 2nd or 11th house and also the 3rd house has sufficient strength the native can be sure of prospering through business.

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The birth chart of a person indicates, beyond any doubt, strong chances of prosperity through some business pursuit, if Jupiter and Venus have strong links with 2nd and 11th houses.

The 3rd house in a birth chart cannot be ignored while assessing business success as it is of much astrological importance in determining worthwhile financial gains and prosperity.

Mercury having great importance in almost all business pursuits indicates success if related strongly to houses of profession.

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If in a birth chart one or more out of the significators of business have any link with those of the 8th and 12th houses then struggle and difficulties in business are possible. But even such negative indications can be overruled with strong determination to succeed.

Birth Chart of a Successful Businessman …


In this chart of a very successful and prosperous businessman, let us briefly assess the position of three important planets viz. Mercury, Jupiter and Venus:

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Mercury : Mercury is exalted and falls in the constellation of the ascendant lord Mars giving good intellect and sharp business acumen to the native of this chart.

Jupiter : Jupiter is the general significator of wealth and in this chart is the lord of the 9th house which is the house of luck. Jupiter is exalted and also a significator of the 10th house of profession. In this chart Jupiter also forms a very auspicious yoga called Hamsa Yoga.

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Venus : Venus the lord of the 2nd and 7th houses is placed in the 6th house in its sign of debilitation but its debilitation is cancelled, as it is conjunct exalted Mercury, this cancellation of debilitation gives rise to aRaja yoga, whereby rendering further strength to the chart.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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