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Truthstar Aquarius Tarot Weekly Reading predicts what the tarot cards hold for Aquarius in this week. Free Tarot Weekly Horoscope Prediction for Aquarius.

Aquarius Tarot Weekly Reading 19 February 2024 – 25 February 2024

Hi Aquarians! Count your blessings and be thankful for everyone. You seek out other people to celebrate your success. There are parties, celebrations, weddings, anniversaries or community festivities which shall make you busy. You can take out time to forget about the hassles of the everyday life and enjoy the company of your friends and loved ones. You sentiments are deep and unusual. In mid week you have to be patient and spend time peacefully doing some meditation and pooja paath that will give you inner strength. You find the situation a little difficult by the end of the week. You may wonder if you need a complete transformation in your life style or working pattern. There are chances that old perspective is no longer useful and you have to let go of it.

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Aquarius Tarot Weekly Card Readings 23 November 2020 – 29 November 2020

Health –

You need care and healing energy which you look forward to your mother/ sister or some feminine support. There is a need to be loving and supportive of yourself, particularly if you are facing health challenges. Think positively and trust in the universe’s healing energy. Women may need to take advice from gynae, to keep check on hormonal and irregular menstrual cycle problem.

Career / Profession –

Use your creative ideas to turn the tide at your workplace in your favour. Rethink your strategies. If you’re looking for a position now is the positive time. Your efforts are valued. Just keep doing what you are doing. This is a largely laid back week with plenty of time to recharge your energy. You will make time for music and swimming. You will also find time to nurture your passion for literature.

Love & Relationship –

love knocks at your heart!!! If you travel during this time period, you may well meet some stranger, who appeals you, and draw your attention and later turn in infatuation. You will enjoy good relationship with colleagues. You will find time to nurture your love. Conversely, if you have been in a long-term committed relationship for some time, you are likely to find it rising. Things on love front should be quite interesting this week.