Moon is related to your sex Life

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O my God, You are looking too sexy!” “Yes, She has great sex appeal” Such comments are quite common particularly about a lot of film actors and actresses. What is sex appeal? It is natural sexual attractiveness which is the natural ability of a person to attract sexual or erotic interests of a person of opposite gender.

The planet Moon has lot to do with the sex appeal of an individual so in this regard the natal Moon reveals such information.

Moon’s Magic in Birth Chart of Film Stars …

Astrological analysis is possible only if reliable birth data is available. The charts of some famous Bollywood stars of recent past such as Meena Kumari, Sharmila Tagore, Mumtaj, Dharmendra and Rajesh Khanna, whose birth data is available, reveal the role of Moon in their sexual attractiveness and appeal.

In MeenaKumari’s chart Moon is in Cancer sign and constellation of Jupiter. In Sharmila’s chartMoon is with Jupiter in Virgo sign and Constellation of Sun.

Who is unaware of comely Mumtaj’s sexual charm, in her chart Moon is with Venus in Leo sign and constellation of Venus.

Dharmendra has ruled the Indian cinema with his special X-factor and in his chart Moon is in the constellation of Venus. And lastly the stylish male sex symbol of the golden era Rajesh Kahanna has Moon in the sign and constellation of Sun.

Vaastu Tips for Improving Sexual Relations

Moon’s Astrological Significations …

Astrology regards the Moon as a full-fledged planet. And it is the only planet out of the seven which is easily visible in the night sky.

Moon’s mean distance from the Earth is about 385,000 Km. and it circles around the earth in 27 days 7 hours and about 43 minutes.

In Vedic astrology the Moon signifies Mind, Mother, Milk, feelings, emotions, fancies, moods, imagination, left eye, feminine qualities, breasts, stomach, womb, childhood, polite-manners, sensitivity, water, SatvaGuna ,romance etc

It is the lord of the Cancer sign and owns three constellations (Nakshatras) namely;

1. Rohini which extends from 100 to 230:20? of Taurus sign

2. Hasta which extends from 100 to 230:20? of Virgo sign

3. Shravan which extends from 100 to 230:20? of Capricorn sign.

The Nature of Moon

In its positive aspects Moon is a sober, polite and cool planet. Moon has enmity only with its North Node viz. Rahu. It considers un and Mercury as its best friends and is neutral towards Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus.

Love Compatibility

Moon and Sexual Satisfaction …

Position of Moon in a horoscope can reveal a lot about sex appeal and sexual satisfaction of that person. Moon plays important role in this regard. Sexual satisfaction has a lot to do with mental attitude for which Moon is responsible. A well placed and strong Moon free from afflictions is an asset in regard to enjoying a balanced sex life. Sexual Strokes

Effect of Moon under different Zodiacal Signs on Sexual Attitude and Traits …

In a horoscope Moon like any other planet can be either under positive influence or negative influence, depending upon its placement, lordship, conjunction with other planets and good or bad aspects from other planets. Table below indicates some most prominent sexual effects of Moon by placement in different zodiacal signs:

Zodiac Sign

Moon under Positive Influence

Moon under Negative Influence


Likes complete surrender of partner in sex

Impatient in sex act


Sex Appeal and general Attractiveness, likes sex

Very selective in sexual matters


Easily attracted to opposite sex

Lacks self confidence in proposing


Great sex appeal and Charm

Sudden change in mood spoils the game


Charming and bold to propose

May think pros and cons and cool it down


Charming but modest in approach

Many friends of opposite sex


Enjoys satisfying sex

Chances of being deceived in relations


Very frank and may propose openly

Lack of Sexual excitement


No extra marital sex interests

Gives impatience in sexual matters


May take care of own selfish interests only

Loose morals


Sensual, enjoys sex

May take even casual affairs very emotionally


Likes adventurous sex

Loose sexual morals

Worshipping Moon …

If in your horoscope the Moon is afflicted due to association with malefic planets then you may suffer due to its ill effects. A strong and clear mind helps a person in overcoming many physical problems in life. On the other hand a week or afflicted Moon gives unstable, confused and sorrowful mind. One may suffer from fluctuations in mood, low sex desire and poor sex appeal.

By worshipping the Moon deity one can mitigate the ill effects. The worship (Pooja) for better results needs to be conducted properly. And by getting the Pooja performed in a systematic manner and at some famous hallowed temple carries further benefits.

One such temple dedicated to the Chandra Deity called Thingai in Tamil language is the Kailasanatha Temple located at Tingaloor near Thanjavur in Tamilnadu state of India.


Worshipping the Moon Deity Makes you Mentally Strong

As a result of this worship you will be blessed with longevity, happiness, strength of mind, clarity of thought, mental health and freedom from respiratory diseases like asthma.