Extra Marital Relations – Steps to Avoid Extra Marital Relations

Extra marital Relations act as a curse upon a married couple and spoil the natural beauty of married life.

Extra Marital Relations

Extra-Marital Relations – Love is a very strong natural force; it is the force of attraction. This force is not of this world which means that it is not based upon logic or reason. Even the atoms of matter in the universe are held together with the force of divine love.

You cannot forcibly love a person and if there is natural pure love between two persons then no other force can stop them from loving. [Check out Love Compatibility]

Extra Marital Relations – Love and Sex; Two things Miles apart

Love and Sex have nothing in common and two are miles apart from each other, but people get confused. The first example of pure love is between a mother and child. Pure love is unselfish. Examples of true or pure love between a male and a female are rare but take place from time to time in all lands. Some well-known examples of pure love are evergreen such as Romeo-Juliet, Paris and Helena, Sassi-Punnu, Heer-Ranjha, Laila- Majnu, Sheri-Farhaad and many more.

Purpose of Marriage …These days in particular in the western world people fail to see the true purpose of marriage. Well, the propagation of one’s family is a common reason, but it is not the only reason. Nature brings two people of the opposite sex together through the institution of marriage for them to live together in order to evolve. Working out previously-stored Karma could be another reason. Astrology of Husband-Wife Relationship

So if we care to view things in the light of ancient wisdom we will recognize the institution of marriage a sacred and essential one for our true spiritual development. Planets that Help in Spiritual Pursuits

Extra Marital Relations – Role of Sex in Marriage

Let us understand that everything in this world has a good side as well as a bad side. The same applies to Sex. It needs to be understood that sex in the purest form is love-based; it is initiated through true intimate mutual love between two married lovers. Marriage is essential before partners indulge in even pure form of sex because only the social and moral boundaries of marriage will distinguish it from prostitution and help in keeping it pure.

Even our scriptures say and we, in general, believe that ‘Man’ (that includes woman) is made in the image of God. So then let us learn to live as disciplined human beings and not as lustful beasts. Let us learn to respect Sex by having love based sex only with own life partner. Check your Love Compatibility to know your best partners.

Steps to Avoid Extra Marital Relations

Well before marriage, people should get their horoscopes analyzed for indications of uncontrolled sex or possibilities of having sexual relations with more than one partner. In case of such indications are there then one must take all precautions, remedial measures, etc. and try to discipline oneself in this regard.

These days as culture and society are moving towards more and more openness, frankness and permissiveness, the love affairs are more in the news.

We also suggest you check our Love weekly horoscope to be guidance on a weekly basis.

Not many love affairs culminate into a marriage alliance. The 5th house in a chart signifies a love affair and the natural significator of love is Venus.

In general, the strength of the 5th house, its lord and Venus are to be judged in case of a love affair. These constituents making better association with the ascendant and its lord indicate chances of a love affair. But if the significators of the 5th house are also significators of the ascendant and 11th house, one can predict long-lasting and strong ties of love.

Any evil aspects and afflictions to the above constituents can cause obstacles and chances of separation.

The most important factor which needs to be analysed is whether or not a love affair will culminate into a long lasting marriage alliance? A love affair will culminate into a marriage alliance only if the 2nd and 7th houses are also associated. And there is a strong link between the 5th and the 7th house. [Will your Love Affair Turn into Marriage?]

Extra Marital Relations – Mars and Venus associations

The planet Venus signifies beauty, love sensuality, harmony, peace, comforts whereas
Mars represents energy and passion any malefic association of Mars and Venus in a chart may lead to uncontrolled sexual instinct, excessive passion etc.

Conjunction of Mars and Venus especially when this falls in a malefic constellation may lead to crimes of passion, flirtatious attitude and tendency to rape etc.

If conjunction of Mars and Venus or opposition of Mars and Venus receives favourable aspect of Jupiter or Saturn then things may remain under control.

Analysis of the birth chart of Bill Clinton (a previous president of America)

  Planet/Asc    Sign    Longitude Degrees:Minutes    Constellation    Constellation lord  
AscVirgo 00:06UtraphalguniSu
SuLeo 02:51MaghaKe
MoAries 26:38BharniVe
MaVirgo 13:13HastaMo
MeCancer 14:28PushyaSa
JuLibra 00:06ChitraMa
VeVirgo 17:58HastaMo
SaCancer 09:01PushyaSa
RaTaurus 24:10MrigshiraMa
KeScorpio 24:10JyeshthaMe
  House     Cusp Sign Longitude     Constellation    Constellation Lord  
5th Sagittarius 29:42:00UtraashadhaSu
7thPisces 00:06:00 PoorvabhadrapadJu


Indications of Extramarital relations with a lover: This is the birth chart of Bill Clinton an ex-president of America.

In this chart the 3rd and 8th lord Mars is placed in close conjunction with the 2nd and 9th lord Venus.
I have pointed out earlier that Mars and Venus conjunction makes one highly passionate and more expressive in love and sex. In this chart Mars is malefic as it is the lord of evil houses viz. 3rd and 8th. Mars falls in the constellation of the 11th lord Moon.

Venus is debilitated and falls in the constellation of Moon making it more sentimental in love matters.

The native was involved in an affair with Monica Lewinsky, a White House intern, in 1996, during the main period of Jupiter sub period of Venus and sub-sub period of Sun.

In his chart Jupiter falls in the constellation of Mars. Venus falls in the constellation of Moon. Sun as the lord of the 12th house gave him extra marital bed comforts. Sun is also the lord of the constellation of the 5th cusp, which signifies his love affair.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar