The Sun in Vedic Astrology

The Sun in Vedic Astrology

The Sun is truly the soul of the solar system as life cannot exist without it. In Vedic astrology it carries prominent place and signifies the core personality of a native.

Vedic Astrology

With a diameter of 1,390,000 Km and amass of 1989,000000000000000000000000000000 Kg the Sun is not only the largest celestial object in the solar system it carries great importance in Vedic astrology.

In terms of astronomy the Sun is just a star like many others, but in Vedic astrology it is the core personality of the native and the giver of vitality, magnanimity, righteousness, hope, ambition, boldness, commanding power, dignity, grace and dominant personality.

The Sun is the ruler of the Leo zodiac sign and it owns three Nakshatras (Constellations) viz. Kritika, Utrashadha and Utraphalguni.

Results of the Sun in Conjunction with other Planets …

These are the general results of the conjunction of the Sun with all other planets in any of the twelve houses of a birth chart:

The Sun Conjunct the Moon: It gives strong will power and self-reliance. The native becomes self-centred and thus unfit for any kind of partnerships.

The Sun Conjunct Mars: The native tends to be proudly and dominant among others. The native cannot work under others and always likes to lead.

The Sun Conjunct Mercury: The native’s father is wealthy and social. The native is business minded and clever to deal with worldly matters.

The Sun Conjunct Jupiter: The native is religious minded and likes to help others. The native may be an incarnation of some ancestor. The native earns name and fame.

The Sun Conjunct Venus: The native possesses house and wealth. There may be some progeny related problems. Depending upon the weak strength of these planets the native’s health may suffer.

The Sun Conjunct Saturn: The native may get involved in government work. The native is not very enthusiastic and acts as a lazy person.

The Sun Conjunct Rahu: The grandfather of the native is an influential person. The native may not have progeny or there may be any problem related to it.

The Sun Conjunct Ketu: Both the native and his or her father are religious. Both may face problems related to their professions.

Propitiation of un-favourable Sun …

Recite any of the following Sun mantras at sunrise time in order to appease the Sun god and get favourable results in reasonable span of time:

• “Om Ghrini Suriaye Namaha”

• “Om aihi Suriye Sahestransho Tejo Rashey Jagatpatey, anukampayemam Bhagtayagrehanaardhaye Divakara”

• “Om harem Hareem Suriaye Namaha”

• “Om Hareem Ghrini Suriaye Aditaye Kaleem Om”

• “Om Bhask- See more at: /astrology/the-sun-in-vedic-astrology.aspx#sthash.PZAqP27K.dpufaraye Namaha”

• “OM Ravaye Namaha”

• “Om Aditaye Namaha”

• “Om Hrinayegarbhaye Namaha”

• “Om Maarichchaye Namaha”

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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