Astrology of Aamir’s Experiments with Body Weight

Aamir Khan the versatile superstar of Bollywood turns 51 on 14th March 2016. What gives him inspiration and ability even at this mature age to experiment with his physique?


Isn’t it amazing how the super star Aamir Khan transforms his physique in such a short time? Let us analyze his birth chart to reveal the secrets through the window of astrology.

The Secret of his Agility and Positive Energy

His ascendant of Aquarius falls in the constellation (Nakshatra) Shatbhisha of Rahu. This constellation is governed by the deity Varun who is god of water and thus gives him lots of agility.

Rahu in his chart is favorable for him since it is close to its exaltation point.

His natal Moon placed in its own sign falls in the constellation Pushyaof his ascendant lord Saturn. This constellation is of the warrior caste and is under the deity Brehespati and thus gave him patient, composed and a social warrior’s mind.

His Rahu falling in the constellation Mrigshira of retrograde Mars gives him abundant physical energy.


Ability to Gain or Lose Weight in Short Time

His ascendant is influenced by Venus, Sun and Saturn due to their conjunction there. Both Venus and Sun fall in the constellation Poorva-bhadrapad of Jupiter.

As per the principles of Medical Astrology Jupiter influencing the ascendant represents body fat.

For his film ‘Ghajini’ in the year 2008 during the sub-period of Saturn in the sub-sub-period of the Sun in the main period of Venus he transformed his physique to that of a body-builder with distinct muscular body. It was the influence of Mars on the ascendant, which helped him achieve an attractive eight-pack muscular body instead of an overweight appearance.

For his film ‘PK’ in 2014 during the sub-period of Moon in the main period of the Sun he lost weight considerably. It was the Moon in the constellation of the constricting Saturn which helped him to achieve that.

Recently in the year 2015 during the sub-period of Jupiter in the main period of the Sun for his next film ‘Dangal’ he has gained over 20 Kg. Because of the sub-period of Jupiter he is able to add so much fat to his body in a short time.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar