How to Access Financial Prosperity using Indu Lagna


Analyzing a birth chart through the use of Indu Lagna may give further insight into the financial prosperity of the native. The article describes this special Lagna of Vedic astrology and its use….

The word ‘Indu’ is another name for the Moon. In Vedic Astrology the Moon carries great importance and the sign which the natal Moon occupies in a birth chart is called the Moon sign or the Rashi.

Reorienting the birth chart with the house carrying the natal Moon as the ascendant is called the Moon Chart (Chandra Kundali) and is considered vital for many astrological indications.

The ancient Rishis realised the role of the Moon in Vedic astrology in regards to financial prosperity and thus gave a potent analytical tool in the form of Indu Lagna.

Determining the Indu Lagna…

Rahu and Ketu are not considered for determination of the Indu Lagna. Each of the seven planets was assigned their root numbers as listed in the following table.

PlanetRoot Number For determining Indu Lagna

In reference to the birth chart under analysis add together the root numbers for the lord planets of the 9th house from the ascendant and the lord of the 9th house from the natal Moon.

In case the above sum exceeds 12 then deduct 12 or its multiples from this sum so that the resulting figure does not exceed 12. Count the houses from the natal Moon corresponding to this final figure and label it as the Indu Lagna for that birth chart.

General Results of Indu Lagna …

• A favourable planet aspecting the Indu Lagna can give prosperity during its periods.
• Indu Lagna occupying the 9th house proves lucky for the native.
• Indu Lagna becomes weak if not occupied or aspected by a favourable planet.
• A strong planet as lord of the Indu Lagna gives favourable results during its periods.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar