Astrological Indications for Scholarship

The article describes the houses and planets related to education and also probable indications of materialization of a scholarship.

Astrological Indications

Getting a scholarship or education subsidy is a great help for any financially weak students. Even among the deserving students only a few succeed in getting a scholarship which clearly shows that the astrological probabilities present in one’s birth chart decide the final results.

Birth Chart Houses Related to Education

In a birth chart the houses 4th, 5th and 9th are the three main houses related to education. School education and college education upto the level of graduation is to be seen from the 4th house.

Courses beyond graduation including master’s degrees etc. are to be seen from the 9th house.

The 8th house is involved in research work and doctorate level studies.

In general the 2nd house for expression and 5th house for intellect also play their role behind the overall scenario related to success in education.

Planets Related with Education

The lords of the above mentioned houses and their strong significatiors are to be considered and in addition to these Mercury and Jupiter are common significators.

Some key planets which signify the specific lines of study are the next which need consideration.

Indications of Scholarship

Since in a birth chart the 7th house represents the authority which provides a scholarship and the 6th house being 12th from the 7th indicates financial loss for that authority and thereby gains of scholarship for the native hence materialization of a scholarship will be represented by the 6th house. Along with the 6th house consider the 11th house of fulfilment.

So overall analyse the relevant houses of education viz. 4th and 9th along with the houses 6th and 11th for predicting results and timings of scholarship materialisation.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar