Shani Remedies to Remove Pitra Dosha Planetary Defects and Diseases from life

Those who are under the influence of Saturn Sadesati (a period of seven and half years) or dhaiya (a period of two and half years) or are under Saturn dasa and antardasa, may relax as this is the very good day to perform some sadhana, pooja in order to appease Lord Shani and get rid of the malefic influences caused by him and other doshas of life as well.

Generally, there are three types of doshas – Malefic planets in the kundali, Pitra badha, and the diseases in life that create problems and one experiences many kinds of miseries which make the life close to hell.

1. Planetary Defects

Planets do affect human life. There is no doubt that a malefic planet in the kundali casts its negative influences and makes a person life suffer in that area of life for which that planet is the karaka of. Sun, Mars, Rahu & Saturn are cruel and malefic planets. If these planets are inauspicious, one has to undergo miseries and tensions. Whenever Saturn influences one’s life,the person’s house, family, marital life gets affected. His source of income comes to an end. One is devoid of all kinds of sukhas and tends to lead a miserable life.

There are so many instances in the history which prove this fact that whenever a person is influenced by Saturn whether it is Sadesati or Dhaiya, his life is spoilt. During that period, prosperity got affected; person felt dejected, could not grow and just could not reach the height of success in life.

2. Pitra Dosha

Pitra Dosha in kundali indicates that one has to pay the debt of his ancestors. It is a proven fact whether youngsters of today’s accept it or not that , if Our parents, or near and dear one lose their lives or get an unexpected death and their desires and wishes remained unfulfilled during their life time these desires exists even after their death. Their souls haunt and try to gratify their wishes after their death through their successors. If they don’t do any karma in this respect , it results in causing miseries and worries to their relatives. This has been personally experienced that pitra dosha is the major cause of constant conflicts or arguments in the family, children become disobedient, couples lack mutual understanding which lead to frequent fights between them. That spoils, not only the environment at home but it affects the progress of entire family. Pitra Dosha could be removed with the pooja patha on Shani Jayanti.

3. Diseases

There are also instances, that one or the other person in the family is always suffering with diseases. Or a hereditary disease exists which causes a huge amount of money spent on medical treatment in the process to cure that disease. The person suffering and reeling under the disease would show symptoms of cure but it takes a lot of time to be healthy again. The illness then reappears in any one of the family member whether it be the owner of the house or the housewife, the son to the daughter in law or whether daughter or grand children they all have to undergo the miseries. In this case, Shani Shaman Pooja should be performed. Even our scriptures have described its importance.

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